Goals for the New Year

First of all, to my e-mail followers: I apologize if you mistakenly received a new post alert yesterday morning. I accidentally published an unfinished version of this post, but I took it down right after I realized my mistake. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Anyway, last week on my blog, I talked about my highlights from 2015. This week, I want to talk about some of my goals for 2016.

I’m not normally a “New Year’s Resolution” kind of person. Like most people, I’ve never been able to keep up with them after a week or two, and I always kinda thought the idea was silly anyway. I mean, why wait until the new year to change your life? You’re just rationalizing your procrastination.

However, something I’ve been seeing lately, especially from a few of my favorite bloggers, is setting goals for the year. For whatever reason, I didn’t give it the same cynical response as I do when people say “New Year’s Resolution,” so I thought I would give it a try.

I realize that I might not be able to complete all of these goals 100%, but I think that even if I just try, I’ll be able to accomplish something along the way.

To see my goals for the year, read on to the rest of my post!

1) Read 40 books

This one is pretty basic – I want to read 40 books by the end of 2016. I’ve set up my Goodreads account to track my progress as well, so that should help keep me accountable.

On a side note, I also want to make sure I set aside time to read for fun. The last few months, I haven’t been spending as much time reading as I used to, and I miss it. Hopefully, this will get me back into it.

2) Do something with writing every day

Okay, I admit it, “something” is vague. I know goals are supposed to be specific, but for this one, I wanted to leave it a little more open. Allow me to explain:

As I learned from my NaNoWriMo project (which I’ll probably talk more about sometime), setting daily word count goals doesn’t work very well for me. Inevitably, I fall behind, and when I do, I get very discouraged. With that discouragement comes lack of motivation, and it becomes an endless cycle.

In light of that, I didn’t want to set a daily word count goal for the year. Instead, I want myself to do something writing-related every day. That might mean jotting down ideas for a new story, editing a piece I’ve already written, or just goofing off with my characters. Sure, creating a silly “fake tweet” might not help me write a novel anytime soon, but it does help me get inside my characters’ heads, and that’s always a good thing. Plus, it’s fun!

Riley 3
Sure, this probably won’t appear in my novella, but it was a fun writing exercise!

3) Publish something

This is a bit more of a lofty goal for me, but I figured why not? At some point during 2016, I want to be able to publish a piece of my writing, whether it’s an e-book, a paperback, or a short story in a magazine. Aside from a small school publication (that I created), I’ve never published my writing before, and I want to give it a try.

4) Try more things with photography

2015-10-07  004 Shoes WM
One of my pictures from a photo challenge I did last year.

Over the past year, I tried a couple of photo challenges as a way to work on my skills. Sometimes I ended up with great photos, other times the results were less than satisfactory. Either way, however, I’m glad I participated in them! They stretched my creativity and inspired me to look at the world in new ways. In 2016, I want to try more challenges like that to further improve my skills.

5) Read my Bible every day

This is one of those things that seems so simple to me, and is yet sometimes difficult to accomplish. Ever since last August, I’ve been making more of an effort to read my Bible every day as part of my routine. As I mentioned last week, I went to a week-long “church camp,” and after that I was inspired to start by reading the Psalms. Sure, I still miss a few days, especially when I’m away from home, but I still made progress.

This year, I’ll be graduating high school and hopefully attending college somewhere in the fall. I’ll be on my own for the first time, and even though I might be attending a Christian school, I still want to be prepared for the road ahead of me. That’s why this year, I want to try even harder to read my Bible every day.

Alright, now you know my goals for 2016, so now it’s your turn! Do you have any goals for the year? Share in the comments below!

See you next Friday!


5 thoughts on “Goals for the New Year

  1. These are all such great goals!
    I haven’t set my Goodreads challenge because 1) I’m not sure if i’m doing it this year, and 2) I don’t know what I want my goal to be, yet. But I think 40 books is a really good goal!
    I hope you can publish something this year – that would be amazing!
    Reading the Bible every day is one of my goals, too.
    Olivia @ Fluttering Pages


    • Thanks, Olivia! I understand not wanting to do the Goodreads challenge – last year around December, I was very far from my goal and I still felt very pressured to reach it. I do like how it tracks your progress though, so I figured it was worth a try!
      And I hope so too! I’ll be sure to post something if I end up publishing anything.
      Thanks again for your feedback, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


  2. I am impressed, excited for you, and inspired, all at the same time. I agree with all you said about resolutions. Reminds me that when you don’t have something to aim at you’re always sure to hit it! And although it’s not as pithy, if you do have a target, though you might miss it sometimes, whenever you do hit it you will have accomplished more than if you hadn’t had it.

    I like the way you write and what you write about.


    • Thanks so much! That’s sort of why I wanted to make some goals for myself – even if I don’t accomplish everything by the end of the year, I know they’ll motivate me to move in the right direction.


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