Best Of January

Surprise! I bet you weren’t expecting to see a post on a Monday, were you?

Anyway, I decided I want to start something called “Best Of,” which will be a post at the end of each month where I can share some of my favorite things from the last thirty days. It’s a mismatch of books, articles, music, and and other moments, sort of like my “2015: Year In Review” post I did earlier in the year.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s my Best of January!


My Blog

In case you missed it, here’s what I blogged about in the month of January!

2015: Year In Review
Goals For The New Year
The Writer’s Toolbox
Top Music Videos Part 1 and Part 2

Favorite Articles

I read a lot of great things this month, but I’ll keep myself to a few favorites. One of my favorite bloggers, Gabrielle Massman, wrote an article for The Rebelution titled “What David, Gideon, and Joan of Arc Taught Me About Being Scared.” It’s great read, especially for young adults, and I encourage you to check it out!

In the writing realm, Hannah Heath (another blogger I follow) wrote a post called “8 Problems in the Christian Fiction Genre (And How to Fix Them).” Also, Nate Philbrick at You Write Fiction wrote about “10 Character Cliches To Watch Out For.” If you enjoy writing tips with a little bit (or sometimes a lot) of sarcasm, then that’s definitely worth reading.

Finally, Colby Bryant at Geeks Under Grace wrote an article titled “A Christian… GEEK?!?” that I think is fantastic. It’s not very long, so I invite you to read it! Also, if you’re into video games, movies, TV shows, anime, comics, or anything else like it, Geeks Under Grace is a fantastic website. I enjoy just about everything they put out, so expect to see me sharing a lot from them in the future.



January was a pretty quiet month for music, actually. House of Heroes did announce that their much-anticipated album would be titled “COLORS,” and will hopefully be released sometime prior to the summer (actual date TBA). Randy Armstrong from RED also did an interview with The RIOT on RadioU, which was pretty… interesting to say the least.


Other than that though, there wasn’t too much going on! I heard a few whispers here and there from various artists, but no solid news. Lacey Sturm’s solo album Life Screams will be released in February though, so I’m looking forward to that!

By the way, if you’re interested in what else is going on in the Christian music scene, just released a list of their ten most anticipated albums for the first half of 2016. It’s a great list, so it’s definitely worth looking at!

My Life

Honestly, January was a pretty stressful month for me. After coming back from winter break, I had finals week for my school, and then I had to adjust to my new class schedule, which was also a bit of work. Between that and my graduation project (which is finally done), running the Writer’s Nook, and other obligations, I feel like I didn’t have as much time for myself as I would have liked, but I did have some pretty awesome moments anyway!

Early in the month (Jan. 7), my family went to WinterJam together. It was the first time all four of us had gone together since the very first year we went, so that was pretty exciting! The lineup was fantastic, with Sidewalk Prophets, RED, Crowder, and co-headliners Matthew West and For King & Country. I really enjoyed it, and if you’re interested, the tour might be stopping near you! You can check it out here.CDs

Let’s see… I bought some CDs for myself this month, since I had a little money left over from Christmas. Aside from Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong. by For King & Country, which I bought at WinterJam, I also got Into the Sea by Attalus, and Captors by Wolves At The Gate. They’re both CDs that I was really looking forward to listening to, and I love them already!

In slightly bigger news, I got accepted to some colleges! I applied to three different schools and got accepted to all of them, so the next step is to start figuring out where exactly I’m going to go. I’ll probably visit some of them again to take another look, but I’m really excited/nervous about this whole thing. Still, I know all three are good schools, and I don’t think I could go wrong with any of them.

So that’s what’s been going on this past month! So, readers, what have you been up to in January? Any exciting events or special moments? I’d love to know!

Enjoy your week everyone, and I’ll see you on Friday!

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