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Alright, I’m just gonna start with this – one of my favorite bloggers, Hannah Heath, tagged me in the “If I Had A Million Dollars” tag, and I basically freaked out. Me, a little blogger with less than 20 followers, getting tagged by a blogger I look up to? I was ecstatic. So, thanks so much for tagging me, Hannah! (You should totally check out her blog, by the way. It’s awesome!)

Anyway, the tag is pretty straightforward: If I somehow came into a million dollars, what writerly things would I use it for?

1) A New Laptop

I wasn’t joking.

Fun fact: I’ve never actually owned my own personal laptop. Since I’m a cyberschool student, my school has always provided me with one. For the most part, it’s a pretty nice deal (other than the fact that I can’t download anything). But sadly, it’s starting to fall apart (my “L” key is broken and it doesn’t hold a charge), and I’ll have to return it in a few months when I graduate anyway. So, one of the first things I would buy would be a new laptop with plenty of space for photos and writing projects.

2) Camera Equipment

This is totally relevant to writing, I promise! I actually use my photography for a lot, from creating  book covers (usually for fun), to making those title pictures you see at the top of my blog posts. Also, photography is another outlet for my creativity so that counts, right?

3) Create a Writer’s Retreat

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ever needed to get away and work on some writing. It would be a place in the middle of nowhere, completely stocked with snacks, coffee, and tea (because you know we need those for writing). Also, high-speed internet. Bring your laptop, work on your manuscript, and talk to fellow writers (or don’t – that’s cool too). What’s not to love?

4) Build a library/writing room/secret hideout

secret door
A writing room with a secret entrance? Sign me up!

First of all – Books! But seriously, who doesn’t want a huge library in their house? Shelves as high as the ceiling, stuffed with books of every genre… Yeah, that sounds like paradise to me.

The library would be connected to the writing room through a secret entrance behind a bookshelf (don’t lie, you know you’ve always wanted one of those) and would be completely soundproof. One wall would be covered in bulletin boards if for no other reason other than that I love bulletin boards. There’d be a L-shaped desk so I can have my computer on one side and all of my notebooks, folders, and other writing stuff on the other side. And since we’re dreaming, I’d have a big comfy beanbag chair up there too. Because napping is a very important part of the writing process.

5) Book Shopping Spree!

Because with all those bookshelves, I’m definitely going to need a lot of books to put on them! I’d probably start with completing a few series’ that I own, and then move on to buying whatever catches my eye. Basically, you should never let me run free at a used book sale because I will buy all the books.

If by chance I actually had some money leftover, I’d probably pick up a few CDs. For me, music is an important part of writing, so it definitely applies here.

6) Start a writing reference site

I actually had this idea a while back, and I’d really love to be able to bring it to life. When working on a project, sometimes we writers have to research some pretty odd things. Like “How painful is breaking your leg?” or “What’s it like to have hearing loss?” (Actually, if you’re looking for information on the latter, a good friend of mine wrote a great blog post about just that.)

Anyway, without having firsthand experience in, say, breaking your leg, it can be hard to write about. The goal of the website would be to provide information from people who actually have experience, whether it’s a type of injury, living in another country, learning a certain skill, or whatever it may be. It would be a collaborative effort, of course, but it’s something I would love to start.

7) Road Trip!

I love traveling, and I’ve always wanted to go on a big road trip. I also have quite a few friends all over the place, (mostly across the lovely state of Pennsylvania, but some in other places too), so it’d be great to get to visit some of them. And I’ve noticed recently there are a lot of places I want to visit – I’d love to go to Washington D.C. and Ohio again sometime, and I think it’s be fun to visit some other landmarks across the country. Oh yeah, and I’m pretty sure a visit to Canada would be on the itinerary as well.

8) Buy a gazillion notebooks and folders

I do most of my writing on the computer now, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t use notebooks and folders to keep track of my writing. I have specific folders for a lot of my writing projects and ideas, usually full of character sheets, outlines, and random notes. I use my notebooks for free-writing ideas and scribbling down thoughts when I’m away from the computer. I don’t need anything expensive, just your usual spiral-bound one-subject notebooks you get for like fifty cents at Wal-Mart. I dunno, I guess I always feel pressured when I get a fancy notebook. Like, “You must do something amazing with this notebook or it will be a waste.” Or maybe that’s just me. But anyway, I’d definitely stock up on notebooks and folders.

Also, pens. I have a very specific type of colored pens that I adore, and I go through them like toothpicks, so I’d definitely be getting more of those.

2015-06-14  003 Notebooks
All of my spiral-bound notebooks, dating waaaaay back to 2009(ish)

9) Bribe someone with actual art skills

I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned this before, but I draw occasionally. Usually it’s just random doodles of my characters and isn’t anything spectacular, so it’s really just for myself. But if I had the money, I’d love to get someone to do some art for me. I’m sure it sounds silly, but I just think it’s be cool to have a “real” representation of my characters.

10) Treat Myself

Okay, to be fair, this whole post is kinda about treating myself, but here I mean little things. Like, going to see a movie in theaters, getting ice cream, or buying an awesome Captain America shirt (even though I already have one. You can never have too many). I suppose it doesn’t really have a lot to do with writing, but it’s something I would like to do anyway.

And that’s my list! If we’re being real though, I’d probably be boring and practical and use the money for things like my future college loans (cue screaming). But hey, a girl can dream, right?

Anyway, the whole point of a tag is to tag more people to participate so it gets passed around! Kinda like those chain e-mails from 2005, but actually worthwhile. Anyway, I don’t know a lot of bloggers, so I’m gonna tag a few of my friends. If you don’t want to do it, I totally understand. If I don’t tag you and you do want to do it, go right ahead! The more the merrier!

I tag:

Kiara @ Bookends
Blossoming of a Bookworm

Oh yeah, and here are the rules:
1) Save this image to your blog
2) Link back to the person who tagged you (in this case, me) and also link to Raychel Rose’s blog, since she’s the one who created this tag.
3) List ten things you would do if you had a million dollars. They can be silly, serious, or a little bit of both. It’s totally up to you!
4) Tag more writers to pass it on!

So now I want to hear your thoughts: If you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on?


5 thoughts on “If I Had A Million Dollars – Writer’s Tag

    • Hey, thanks for tagging me! This was the first tag I’ve ever done on my blog, so I was seriously excited to do it. Plus, it was a ton of fun! Thanks again!


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