18 Facts About Me

I don’t particularly like calling attention to myself (mostly because I don’t particularly like being the center of attention), but May 5 was my 18th birthday! I had a really great day, and got to spend time with my family and some friends as well. Although it was sorta low-key, it was an awesome birthday and I really enjoyed myself.

And so that brings me to today’s blog post. I’ve had this idea for a while, but surprisingly, it was harder to put together than I expected! I tried to come up with things that most people wouldn’t know, so I hope I succeeded. Anyway, here are 18 random facts about me!

1) I am/was cyberschooled

I’ve probably mentioned this before at some point, but ever since kindergarten, I’ve been attending cyberschool. Basically, it’s like if someone smooshed homeschooling and public school together. I’m working on my own mostly, but I also have online classes and real teachers I answer to. I’ll be graduating next month though, which is pretty exciting!

2) I played intramural basketball in middle school

It was through a local youth league, and I actually really enjoyed it a lot! And yes, our uniforms really were the color of Pepto-Bismol one year.

2012 01 MRS basketball004

3) I started writing my first “book” when I was about 10 or 11

I still have a lot of it stored in a notebook, but trust me, it will never see the light of day. At least, not in its original form.

4) My only musical ability is that I can (sort of) play an ocarina

I bought it at a Rennaissance Faire a few years ago. It’s only five holes, so it’s not that hard, and I can play a few tunes (mostly from The Legend of Zelda games). My brother got all of the musical skill in the family.


5) I prefer physical books over e-books and CDs over digital downloads

I’m not necessarily opposed to either thing (I’ve read e-books on my phone and have downloaded plenty of songs), but there’s just something about the tangible versions that I love.

6) I am the founder and student leader of my school’s creative writing club

It’s called the Writer’s Nook, a name that was actually suggested to me by another student. I started it in 10th grade, and I love it like it’s my own child. It’ll be sad to have to say goodbye at the end of this school year!

WN logo

7) I am a skilled grilled cheese sandwich maker

Well, according to my family, that is. I may not have gotten any musical skill, but I make the best grilled cheese.

8) I enjoy watching football

You can thank my brother for this one. Also, my favorite professional team is the New England Patriots, partly because they’re a good team and partly because my family would (probably) disown me if I thought otherwise, haha.

9) I like to use different colored pens when I take notes

When I’m taking notes from a textbook, each section gets its own heading and each subsection gets its own color. It’s very organized and probably doesn’t do much for me in the long run, but I do it anyway.

10) I collect pins and rubber bracelets

Once upon a time I bought a black rubber bracelet. Then someone gave me a bracelet. Then I got another one, and another one, until finally I ended up with a small bucket of them. The same sorta thing happened with the pins. I got one, then another, then another, until I finally realized I was accidentally collecting them.


11) I share a birthday with two famous people

Scott Westerfeld (author of Uglies, among other books) and Adele (musician). And probably a bunch of other people, I just don’t know who.

12) I love baking and decorating cupcakes

Not only do they look pretty, but they’re also delicious. Although in fairness, I do sometimes feel bad eating them after I’ve put all that work into making them look good.

2015-06-09  003 Cupcakes

13) The first movie I ever saw in theatres was Finding Nemo

My mom took me to see it at the AMC Theatre when I was five years old. I was terrified of the first scene (with that shark and all), but after that I really enjoyed it!

14) I love the scent of vanilla

If I have a candle burning, it’s probably vanilla. I don’t know what it is, but it’s one of the best smells in the world to me (aside from chocolate chip cookies, of course).

15) I have three corkboards that I pin random stuff to

Stickers, concert tickets, notes, cards, receipts, just about anything. I guess it’s my way of holding onto memories.


16) I have a strange affinity for unicorns and pineapples

The unicorns started way back when I started listening to Eleventyseven and their weird love of unicorns rubbed off on me. I’m not so sure about the pineapples.

17) I wasn’t always planning to be an English major

In my earlier high school years, I considered majoring in business or graphic design. The business part made sense, but I’m not sure where the graphic design came from.

18) I have been blogging since I was 8

…with a few hiatuses here and there. My dad set up a Blogger account for me, and I posted a lot of random stuff – most of it incoherent. But I loved it anyway. I kept that going for a long time, on and off, until I finally decided I wanted a fresh start. And thus, Maggie’s Musings came to be!

It was actually kinda difficult to come up with some interesting and random facts about me, but I had fun putting this together! I hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you all next week!

Until next time!


11 thoughts on “18 Facts About Me

  1. Happy belated birthday Maggie! I just turned 18 too. 🙂 It finally feels like it now, lol. Loved your answers too! I too started my first books around 11, though it was never finished and it’s perished now. 😦 But anyways, enjoy your birthday week! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Raychel! Yeah, I’m missing some parts of that first story, but I can’t believe I even have any of it after all these years, haha. It is kinda neat to see how my style has changed though.
      Thanks again! I hope you have a great week as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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