A photo depicting part of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA

Arizona Adventures

Hey, look who’s back! It feels like forever since I’ve written something here, although that isn’t the truth. I guess it just feels so long since it’s been two weeks since I actually sat down at my computer to write a blog post.

In case you missed me mentioning it in previous posts, my family traveled to Arizona two weeks ago! I’d intended to tell you all about it last week, but between catching up on school work and preparing for finals, I didn’t have a chance to sort through my photos and put a blog post together.

Anyway, now with finals out of the way (whoo!) and my pictures all sorted, let me tell you about my adventures in the Grand Canyon State!

We had a long flight to Arizona, and I’ll spare you the details of all that. Luckily, once we landed in Phoenix, it was awesome. Considering it had been damp and cold in Pennsylvania for the last week and a half, Arizona’s warm climate was a welcome relief. We took a rental car to a small town called Williams, which was where we stayed for the next few days.

2016-05-09  022 Williams Sign

Williams is a town on the famous Route 66, so that was pretty cool! We got there on Monday afternoon (though with jet lag, it felt like evening) and had the chance to relax and hang out, which was great after such a crazy flight, haha.

Oh yeah, I just have to say – the restaurant there had the best raspberry iced tea.

On Tuesday, we we saw a fun wild west-themed show (which was humorously self-aware) and took a train to the Grand Canyon. Even though the train ride took a little longer, it was nice because we didn’t have to worry about driving to the Canyon, so we were able to sit back and enjoy the scenery.

2016-05-10  003 Western Town

At the Grand Canyon, we took a bus ride to a couple of locations around the rim. I gotta say, I knew the Grand Canyon was like a pretty big deal and all, but WOW. It was amazing (and also slightly terrifying, because you could get so close to the edge). As someone who loves photography, it was an amazing experience.

Wednesday, we left Williams and headed back towards Phoenix where we met some friends of my dad and stayed at their house until Thursday. Oh yeah, and we stopped at this place called Dutch Bros. Coffee, which I’d never heard of (mostly because I’m from the east). Coming from a non-coffee drinker, it was pretty good!

Dutch bros

On Thursday afternoon, we traveled to a resort for my dad’s work conference. It was a beautiful place, especially at night when it was all lit up. We stayed there for the rest of the week, then headed back to Pennsylvania on Sunday.

And those were my adventures in Arizona! I had such a great time there, seeing the sights and spending time with my family. Although it’s not quite the end of the school year for me yet, it was a fun way to kick off the summer. Plus, I got to relax for a week, which is always a plus.

Any fun plans for the summer? I’d love to hear how you’re doing!

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4 thoughts on “Arizona Adventures

  1. Loved it, Maggie! The pictures are fantastic. The word pictures, too. it’s great that you can see all that . . . experience all that. Grandma has been to some of that. I never have, and probably never will. 😦

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