Best of May

Happy June, everyone! I’m hoping everyone had as great a month as I did. Between birthdays, vacation, and finally being done with high school, it’s been pretty exciting around here. But more on that in a moment. First, I want to share a few of my other highlights from the month of May!

My Blog

In case you missed them, here are my blog posts from May!

18 Facts About Me (May 6)
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Arizona Adventures (May 27)

The cover for Skillet’s upcoming album, Unleashed


I’m going to start with the biggest music news (at least, in my circles) from this past month – After a somewhat vague announcement last year, Skillet has finally released two new songs from their upcoming album, Unleashed. It seems like they’re experimenting with some new musical styles, so it’s a little different, but personally, I love them. You can listen to both songs on YouTube: “Feel Invincible” and “Stars

(Also as a side note, you should totally listen to these awesome piano covers of both songs: “Feel Invincible” and “Stars“)

Aside from that, Thousand Foot Krutch has continued to release singles from Oxygen: EXHALE, with two new ones this month: “Give Up the Ghost” and “A Different Kind of Dynamite.” Of all the current TFK singles out there, “Give Up the Ghost” is probably my favorite, so definitely check them out!

I only really bring this last piece up because it amuses me, but earlier in May, Christian music artist dc Talk released a mysterious announcement after a sixteen-year hiatus. Many people speculated that it would be a new album or a reunion tour, but days later the band announced they would be doing a cruise instead. This was met with mixed feelings, as you can imagine, but as someone who isn’t super invested in dc Talk, It just amuses me. I guess because it’s such an epic letdown? Either way, that was some pretty big music news this month too.


I have a couple of favorite videos this month! The first one is “Every Type of Youttube Thumbnail (in under 5 minutes)” by Jordan Taylor, because it had those slight jabs at YouTube culture that make me laugh. Another one of my favorites was Katie Gregoire’s video, “Are we using Christian social media wrong?” One of my favorite things about Katie’s videos is that she’s very real but also very funny, and this video especially was very thought provoking. Definitely check it out!

Finally, Blimey Cow released “The Ten Types of Youth Pastors,” which is, of course, amazing. I always love their youth-group themed episodes, since they’re funny in a sort of self-aware kind of way. It good to laugh at ourselves every once in a while, after all!

Articles & Blogs

I really enjoyed this post from This Incandescent Life titled “7 Ways You Can Have an Impact Today.” I found it very encouraging and inspiring, so I wanted to share it with the rest of you as well.

In terms of writing articles, Hannah Heath wrote about “8 Tips for Developing a Strong Theme for Your Novel,” which I’m finding to be very useful as I (slowly) work through my current work-in-progress. And finally, Gabrielle at Write For The King has been writing a series on personality types for characters based on the Myers-Briggs personality test, and this past month, she wrote a post on INTJ characters. As someone who is an INTJ, I felt it was totally accurate and definitely helpful in writing those types of characters.

My Life

Like I mentioned earlier, a lot of exciting stuff happened this month! First there was my 18th birthday. I didn’t do a whole lot to celebrate, but I was able to go out to dinner with my family, which was a lot of fun! To be honest, I’m not really a big parties kind of person, so having a small, low-key celebration was really nice. I had such a great time!Civil_War_Final_Poster

Just a few days later, we flew out to Arizona for a week. We saw the Grand Canyon, visited with some friends, and went swimming at the resort. You can read more about that in my Arizona Adventures post, if you’d like!

When we got home, my brother and I finally got to go see Captain America: Civil War, which was a fantastic movie. I don’t want to say much about it because of spoilers, but it’s definitely the kind of movie that I’d pay to go see again. If you’re into superhero films, you should totally check this one out.

The week after that was finals week for seniors at my school. To tell the truth, I kinda got off easy this semester, since my only two finals were just regular unit tests. Oh, and I got to hang out with some school friends at an amusement park last weekend, which was also awesome. I can’t wait to see them again at Graduation!

Speaking of which, looking ahead, I’ll be graduating high school in a few weeks (whoo!), and my cousins will be visiting soon after, so I’m also looking forward to that. The excitement never stops around here, haha.

So how was your May? What exciting things did you do? I’d love to hear about what you’ve been up to! Feel free to share in the comments below.

Thanks as always for following my blog! I’ll see you all on Friday!

2 thoughts on “Best of May

  1. Your “best of” posts are my absolute favorite! Thank you so much for the INTJ personality type article. I’m pretty much obsessed with stuff like that. Also, Captain America! Loved that movie so so much!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thanks so much Olivia! I LOVE reading about personality types, they just fascinate me for some reason. Also, we have totally got to talk about Captain America some time. That movie was AMAZING!


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