Purposeful Pages – September 2016

Happy Friday everyone! As you read this, I’m probably either in class or getting ready to head to Uprise Festival this weekend, which is pretty exciting! The lineup is fantastic as always, but I’m super excited to see Wolves At The Gate, For Today (on their final tour), Disciple, Lacey Sturm, and basically everyone.

Also, speaking of Disciple, their Kickstarter campaign for Long Live The Rebels wrapped up this weekend, which means that as a supporter, I got to hear some of my music! It isn’t available for people who weren’t a part of the campaign, but I can tell you that it’s awesome. There’s some stuff reminiscent of their older music, and also some that’s reflective of their growth over the years. It’s amazing!

Anyway, I decided to participate in a new linkup this month called Purposeful Pages. I first heard about it on Quill Pen Writer (shout out to Melissa for introducing me to it!), another writing blog I follow, and I was really intrigued so I wanted to give it a shot! The linkup is hosted by Hannah @ Furious Ever Afters and Amanda @ Scattered Journal Pages, and it’s designed to unite bloggers on answering questions about life, blogging, the Bible, writing, and books.

As you can tell, it’s a bit different from the Beautiful People linkup I’ve been participating in monthly, but I’m excited to try something new! And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the questions!

How have you been growing spiritually this month? What has God been teaching you?

God’s been getting me outside my comfort zone a lot this past month, that’s for sure. For the first time, I’m sharing a room with two other people – but He has blessed me with two fantastic roommates! And since I’m living away from home, I have to find a new church to attend… which is hard considering I’ve been going to the same church my whole life! But I’ve gotten to meet so many great people, both at my school and outside of it. The social interaction does get draining, but I definitely feel like I’m growing.

When you’re under stress, what actions do you take that help calm you and keep you sane?

SCREAMING. Just kidding. I usually write or journal, or sometimes I do coloring pages and listen to music. It’s very therapeutic, and I highly recommend it.

One of my favorite coloring pages I’ve done (excuse the poor lighting)

Who are some people that inspire you, and in what ways do they do that?

The list is so long; I could go on forever. One group of people who has inspired me and continues to inspire me is my family. They’ve taught me a lot over the course of my life and I’m constantly inspired by their examples.

Have you learned any tricks this past month that have helped you in your blogging journey?

Haha… not really. I learned how to embed YouTube videos directly in my blog posts, which I haven’t actually used yet, but it’s definitely something to hold onto for future knowledge. I’ve also gotten more consistent with my title images (those pictures you see at the top of my posts), but other than that, I haven’t done much.

What is it about a book that makes you keep on reading? If you’re a writer, how can you incorporate that into your own books?

The number one thing that keeps me wanting to read a book is a combination of great characters and great plot. If the characters aren’t that great, I can usually make it through with an engaging, edge-of-your-seat plot. As for incorporating this into my own books, I try to make my characters dynamic and interesting to my readers.

What’s a book cover (or album, movie, etc.) that describes your life right now, and why?

I wouldn’t say it completely describes my life, but I adore the art for Memphis May Fire’s album Unconditional. It’s simple but it says a lot, I think.


Do you have a song in mind that you’d consider your current theme song? (Or a book, movie, TV show, etc.)

Right now, I think New Horizons by Flyleaf is the most accurate choice for a theme song. It’s a song full of hope and anticipation for what lies ahead, and I think that’s pretty fitting for this part of my life that I’m starting now.

If you’re a writer, how do you see yourself incorporated (most of the time unknowingly) inside your stories?

I haven’t written any characters completely based off of myself, but I do see myself in aspects of my characters. Leslie and I share a sense of humor and the fact that she says a lot of what I think but don’t say. Riley and I both have a tendency to avoid messy feelings (hey, there’s a random fact about me). Chey and Riley both inherited my love of music. I don’t share many qualities with Trevor, the character I introduced on Tuesday, but I think it’s fair to say that both of us are introverts.

How have you seen aspects of God’s character through other people recently?

I just moved off to college, so I’m away from my family and friends for the longest I’ve ever been. But I’ve been able to stay in touch with my family over the phone, and a couple of people from my church have sent me cards, which have really cheered me up a lot. Even though I’m far away, I still feel loved by the people back home.

How long, on average, does it take you to put together a blog post? Are you the morning person working at 5 am, the afternoon blogger, or the night owl up until midnight trying to throw things together?

Actually, I usually write my blog posts a few days in advance, so I’m usually not rushing to finish them on Thursday night. Well, not always. If I worked straight through, I could probably get a post done in 3 hours or less, depending on the type of posts, but I tend to spread the work out over the course of the week. I used to blog in the afternoons and evenings, but now that I’m in school I pretty much work on posts whenever I get a free moment.

What’d you think? Do you think this is something I should do every month like I do with Beautiful People or a once-in-a-while thing? If you’re a reader, what keeps you reading a book? What song describes your life right now? Let me know in the comments below!

And also, if you’re participating in Purposeful Pages this month, drop a link in the comments section below. I’d love to read your answers!

I’ll definitely be sharing my Uprise Fest sometime before the end of the month. Have a great weekend everyone, and I’ll see you next week!


6 thoughts on “Purposeful Pages – September 2016

    • Thanks Melissa! I really enjoyed doing it, so I hope I continue to do this monthly (You never know with school…) And thank you for the encouragement! Finding a church is hard, but I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many great people along the way ^_^


  1. Yes! I think you should keep at Purposeful Pages. There are great questions and I like your answers. In fact o was just thinking this morning about the question, “. . . how do you see yourself incorporated?” And my suspicion was confirmed by your answer, that there are probably aspects of you are distributed among all of your characters.


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