Or is it Blogkeeping?

As I vaguely alluded to in last Friday’s blog post, there are some changes coming to Maggie’s Musings. Nothing huge, at least right now, but I’ve been wanting to try something new, so I’m going to test it out over the next few weeks and see how it works out.

My monthly “Best Of” posts are going on hiatus indefinitely. With so much going on, it’s been hard for me to keep track of what to talk about, and I haven’t been doing a great job of keeping up with things like music news or YouTube videos.

In their place, I’ve decided to do something called “Week in Review” on Fridays. They’ll be shorter posts on a weekly basis and more focused on what I’ve been up to personally. It could be school-related, TV shows I’m watching, music I’m listening to, things I did, cool stuff I found on the internet, and so on. I think it’ll be easier in the long run and feel more personal, so I’ll be starting those this coming Friday (11/4).

I’ll still be doing my regular blog posts on a weekly basis, but they’re going to be moved to Mondays. I do tend to plan them out ahead of time, but I think it’ll help to have the weekend in case I wait until the last minute. The posts themselves will be similar to what I’m doing now, just on a different day.

And finally, I’m reserving Wednesdays to participate in linkups like Beautiful People and Purposeful Pages and also do any tags or challenges, should I be tagged in any. I may reserve specific days for the linkups (e.g. the first Wednesday for BP), but for now, I’m leaving it open.

So to make a long story short, here’s what’s going on:

Monday: My regular blog posts. The stuff you’re used to.

Wednesday: Blog linkups and challenges, should I be tagged in any.

Friday: Week in Review posts, replacing the monthly Best Of posts.

As of right now, I’m not really sure how this will work out, but I’m really excited to give it a shot and see how it goes. I hope you’re excited about the changes too! Thanks for being patient with me and being such faithful readers of my blog.

See you on Friday!

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