The Six Question Character Challenge


SURPRISE! I said I’d normally reserve Wednesdays for tags and linkups, mainly Beautiful People and Purposeful Pages. I’m doing something a little different this month. Right now, Beautiful People is focusing on NaNoWriMo, which I’m not participating in, so I’m on a little break from that. And sadly, Purposeful Pages is stopping after this month, so I’ll no longer be doing that.

On the bright side, I do have something fun to do this month! I’ve been wanting to participate in Brianna’s Six Question Character Challenge. I wasn’t tagged by anyone in particular, but I heard about it from Quill Pen Writer, Tea With Tumnus, and You Write Fiction, so be sure to stop by those blogs and check out their WIPs too!

For this project, I had picked my three main characters from Summertime, since that’s my most well-developed project right now. I know I talk about it a lot with these sorts of things, but it’s what I know best about, and these character are near and dear to my heart. If you want to learn more about these character, you can check out the Beautiful People posts I’ve done for them (I’ll link to each one) and you can also read the first chapter of Summertime on my blog!

On to the questions!

Riley Taylorriley

Contradiction: Riley’s a people person who cares deeply about his friends, and it’s clear that he values the people in his life. However, he’s terrified of emotional vulnerability, so things tend to stay on a surface level.

Myers-Briggs Type: ENFP

Favorite Color: Crimson

How He Would Slay a Dragon: With the power of ROCK N’ ROLL! (think like that one scene from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World). Seriously though, in spite of his occasionally reckless attitude, Riley would probably approach the challenge rather strategically. And he’d bring plenty of backup.

His Darkest Secret: Though it’s not necessarily a “dark secret,” Riley really doesn’t like to talk about his mom that much. Actually, come to think of it, anything related to his family he tends to keep to himself, only sharing it with a few close friends.

Where he sees himself in 10 years: Probably similar to where he’s at right now. Not in a disappointing way though, because he’s happy with his life. He’d want to get his own place and have a more sustainable job, but other than that, Riley’s pretty content.

Leslie Summersleslie

Contradiction: She’s dyslexic, so school is hard, but she wants to go to college to become an athletic trainer. She also loves reading via audiobooks.

Myers-Briggs Type: ESFJ

Favorite Color: bright blue

How She Would Slay a Dragon: Leslie would charge it head on with a sword in hand and probably win despite having no plan. She’s a little crazy like that.

Her Darkest Secret: Leslie’s a pretty open book. Yes, there are some things she won’t share with just anyone, like her dyslexia or her career dreams, but as for “dark secrets,” it’s hard to say. I suppose it could be her crush on Riley, even though… oh, spoilers!

Where she sees herself in 10 years: She’s pretty much ready for whatever life throws at her, but she’d love to be in a successful career. And she definitely wants to still be playing sports.

Chey Cooperchey

Contradiction: Chey loves singing and playing music, but no matter how many times she does it, she always gets stage fright before performing.

Myers-Briggs Type: ESFP

Favorite Color: Green or silver

How She Would Slay a Dragon: Probably with her sarcasm, if such a thing were possible.

Her Darkest Secret: Well, she tries to keep her stage fright under wraps, but an actual secret… She failed her driver’s test the first time, which she was extremely embarrassed by, so she never talks about it.

Where she sees herself in 10 years: With a career that allows her to be creative. She’s still not entirely sure what she wants to do with her life, but as long as she’s making art in one way or another, she’ll be content.

Since I wasn’t tagged by anyone, I won’t tag anyone in particular. However, if you want to participate in this challenge, consider yourself tagged! I’d love to see what you come up with!

I’ll see you on Friday with another weekly wrap-up!

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