Week In Review: Nov 25

Happy Friday, and happy day-after-Thanksgiving! It’s been a great week this week, and I can’t wait to tell you about it! Also, I wrote a blog post about Thanksgiving on Monday. If you missed it, go on and check it out!

On to the wrap-up…

In School… I did really well on the group presentation for my psychology class! Our group got a great grade, and so it’s nice to have that out of the way. And right now, it’s looking like I won’t have a lot of final exams, so that’s something to look forward to. Other than that though, I didn’t have much school this week. It was a good break.

Listening to… Not much new music this week, honestly. I have been rocking out to Disciple’s Long Live The Rebels while driving though! (And you can bet that I’ll be listening to Christmas music all day today. Trust me.)

Reading… Just one short thing this week, an article from Go Teen Writers about making room for writing in your life. With being a college student, it’s hard to arrange time for writing. If that sounds like you, this is definitely worth a read.

Watching… Timeless! I don’t typically pay attention to shows currently airing on TV, mostly because they look boring or predictable. I’ll admit though, Timeless caught my attention about a month ago when I was home for fall break, and I’m really enjoying it. Admittedly, the characters are a little cliche sometimes (can you say “brooding hero with a dark past”), but they’re growing on me! I love the history aspect of it too. My family has been recording them on our DVR, so I’m all caught up now and I’ll probably binge-watch it again when I come home for winter break.


Playing… Pokemon Moon! I just got it this week (actually, my mom picked it up from the store for me, because she is the best). I haven’t progressed very far yet, but I really love the feel of it. It’s different, but in a new and exciting way! I chose Rowlet as my starter Pokemon – if you’re playing Sun/Moon, tell me which one you chose!

Enjoying… Time with family! We have relatives from North Carolina visiting us for Thanksgiving, and it’s been fun spending time with them the past few days. We still have more fun planned for the rest of the week too!

Excited for… Gingerbread Madness 2016, AKA the time of year my mom and I put a gingerbread house together for a community contest. We’ve done it the last few years, and it’s always so much fun! I don’t know for sure what we’ll be doing this year yet, but here’s a picture of what we did last year:

2015-12-06  027 Gingerbread House.JPG

Thankful for… DVRs, space heaters, new mattresses, loving family, gracious professors, MarioKart, good food, books, and good friends.

How was your week? Did you celebrate Thanksgiving or go Christmas shopping? I’d love to hear about it! Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Until next time!

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