What I’ve Learned About Blogging

Well, so far at least.

Today marks one year since I started up Maggie’s Musings, and in addition to the other celebrations going on around the site, I’ve compiled a list of things I’ve learned over the past year of blogging (almost) consistently. It’s been a journey for sure, and there have definitely been days when I dreaded having to write a blog post for the week. But no matter what, I love creating, and Maggie’s Musings has given me an outlet for that.

I’m certainly not an expert yet, but based on the ups and downs of blogging for a year now, here are a few things I’ve learned!

Scheduled posting is the best thing ever invented

I’ve revealed this before, but oftentimes I don’t write a blog post on the day it’s published. Sometimes I write them days or even weeks ahead of time and schedule them to be published on their regular day. In the long run, it saves me time, though there have been some instances where the scheduled post didn’t go out like it was supposed to. But in spite of that, it’s still easier for me to work on posts for a while instead of feel like I have to write it all in one sitting and then publish it without a second thought.

It’s okay to not have everything right from Day 1

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ve been through a couple of changes here. Some of them are things that only I would notice, like updating every single one of my title images so that they were consistent with each other. Some of them are more obvious, like changing my posting schedule a few weeks back. When I first started Maggie’s Musings, I figured I’d just be doing posts on Fridays, but then I decided that I really liked doing the “Best Of” monthly summaries. I added them into the rotation and I thought they’d stick around for a long time, but then they became too much trouble to write and I switched over to what I do now.

Point is, I thought I’d be doing things one way for a while. However, as I got new ideas and as things in my life changed, so did the blog. Yeah, it did take me some time to get adjusted, since I’m such a perfectionist and wanted everything right at first (*sighs at self*), but I had to keep telling myself it was okay to experiment. That’s how you grow, after all!

Other bloggers are pretty friendly (and do not bite)

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m more outgoing online (it must be a cyberschooler thing), but I still get nervous about communicating with other bloggers, especially ones that I look up to. Turns out, even though they’re all super famous in my eyes, they’re actually a pretty chill bunch! I don’t know why I was ever scared of them. What a weird notion.

Anyway, the blogging community is very friendly and rather talkative once you get them going on something they like. If I were to give myself advice a year ago, I’d definitely tell her to reach out to other bloggers more. Comment on their blogs, follow them on Twitter (just don’t stalk them). There are so many friendships to be found and connections to be made!

It’s okay not to have a “theme”

If I had to categorize Maggie’s Musings, I’d call it a personal blog. However, it’s not entirely that. I blog about my life, yeah, but I also blog about writing, books, music, crafts, and whatever random thoughts pop up in my head. For a while, I was kinda insecure about this because it seemed like every blogging article I ever read required me to choose a box to place my blog in. This wasn’t really helped by the fact that I couldn’t find any other blogs on the internet like mine (I’m sure they exist, I just couldn’t find them).

Just like with making changes, I had to tell myself that it was okay that I wasn’t “following the rules.”  I’m proud of the content I’m putting out and I like that it’s varied – I don’t want to needlessly trap myself for the sake of branding. This blog is a place for me to think and talk, and it’s all right to not be in any specific category.

Blogging is where I am myself

Writing for Maggie’s Musings gives me so much freedom. Like, I understand that there are people out there reading my posts every week, and I certainly have that in mind somewhere when I’m writing, but for whatever reason, that hasn’t deterred me from writing what I write. I’m okay with sharing about my life here, whether I’m doing fantastic and I’m on top of the world or I feel awful and it took so much out of me to even write the blog post. I can talk about what’s important to me, whether they be serious issues or fun obsessions.

I guess I’m usually the type of person who prefers to keep to herself unless I know someone well. But here, I’m okay with talking about myself and what’s important to me. Blogging has given me an outlet to be creative and share what I care about, and it’s also allowed me to really be myself.

Of course, there are many, many other things I’ve learned in the past year (like the fact that I get very hungry at 2am and it’s hard for me to keep my thoughts straight after midnight). Blogging is a fantastic journey for me, and I’m sure I’ll continue to try new things and play around with new ideas. I can’t wait to see where I am at this time next year!

Thanks as always for being here! Here’s to another fantastic year of blogging!

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