An academic library with several tall stacks of books. A few study desk can be seen in between the stacks. There are so many books it's almost overwhelming.

My First Semester of College (As Told Through GIFs)

I pronounce it with a hard “g,” by the way. Not trying to start a fight here, but it’s very helpful if you need to distinguish between moving images and a brand of peanut butter.

As you probably know, I just wrapped up my first semester at Messiah College a few weeks back, and what better way to tell you about it than with a bunch of GIFs! I also wanted to give myself a bit of a break from writing such long blog posts, since, spoilers, I’ve got a big one planned for Friday.

Not much else of an explanation is needed, so on to the GIFs!

(none of the gifs are mine unless otherwise noted. I’ve just been collecting them for a while)

How I felt about going through orientation weekend with all those introverts:


Also this:

panicked screeching.gif

When people kept asking me what I was going to do with an English degree:

An Excellent Question.gif

Me every day during visitation hours (don’t ask)


Trying to get out of bed at 6am every morning so that I could shower and eat before my 8am classes:


What I wanted to say whenever I heard something ridiculous:


What I usually did instead:


When my professors were going WAY TOO FAST AND I WAS SO LOST:

Daleks explain.gif

Being the only person among my friends taking French as my foreign language:


Trying to do research last minute:

the internet knows everything.gif

Going to the writing center to get a second opinion on my papers because I was so lost:

Only Hope.gif

Getting good grades on all of those papers:


And getting good grades on my group projects:

psych fist bump.gif

Having to be around so many people ALL THE TIME:

social energy.gif

And people wonder why I was like this pretty much every night:

Sherlock SO DONE.gif

Trying to do homework after 10pm:


How it felt walking through our floor during Deck The Halls:


When my computer died (this was before all the panic set in)


When one of my roommates saw me panicking and asked if everything was okay:
(Bless her though, she was so patient with me while I was having a meltdown).


Trying to act at least somewhat less distressed when people asked what happened:


When my brain was trying to tell me how absolutely impossible it was going to be to finish out the semester without my laptop:

never tell me the odds.gif

Realizing that I had to leave my friends for THREE WHOLE WEEKS OH THE HORROR:

group hug.gif

But really, all things considered, I couldn’t have asked for a better first semester at college:

absolutely fantastic.gif

Fellow students, how was your semester? Got any gifs I should add to my collection? Let me know in the comments!

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