The Great TBR Purge of 2017 – Part 1

Or, “Books on my TBR, why they’re still there, and if they’re going to stay.”

I was looking at my “To-be-read” list – a.k.a. my TBR – on GoodReads the other day, and I realized there are quite a lot of books on it. Many of them I don’t even remember putting on the list in the first place. Since it’s one of my goals to read 40 books this year and I want to spend time reading books I actually enjoy, I decided that it would be a good time to clean out – purge – my TBR.

I’m removing a lot of books, but I picked 14 to share with you, 7 this week and 7 next week. Without further ado, the first have of the The Great TBR Purge of 2017!

1) Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowellep

Why it’s on my TBR: I was introduced to this book around the time it came out (2013), and I was intrigued by the seemingly different take on the YA romance genre.

Why I haven’t read it yet: I picked this up at the library I skimmed over the first few pages when I was 15, and I realized this book was probably meant for older teens, so I put it back on the shelf. I never got around to picking it back up.

Will it survive? Yes. I really enjoyed Fangirl, another one of Rowell’s novels, and I still want to give this book a try. Plus, a friend of mine has been telling me about it, and now I’m re-interested in reading it. (You should also totally check out her book review blog, Lost In My Own Library).

2) Unforgotten by Jessica Brody

Why it’s on my TBR:  I read the first book in this series, Unremembered, back around the time it came out. I was so in love with it at the time that I automatically wanted to read the sequel.

Why I haven’t read it yet: By the time this book was released, I had already moved on to better things. I hadn’t been that excited by it that I was dying for the sequel.

Will it survive? Nope. Reading the synopsis now, I realized that it looks boring, I forget everything that happened in the first book, and I really don’t care about the story anymore.

3) The Boyfriend App by Katie Siseapp

Why it’s on my TBR: I was really interested in the idea of a geeky young woman who builds an app, even if there did seem to be some romantic elements. I was willing to brave the romance if it meant I’d get a smart female protagonist for once.

Why I haven’t read it yet: Because I was never able find it at the library and I was too cheap to buy it. Also, I forgot about it.

Will it survive? No. I was on the fence about this at first, since it still seemed somewhat interesting, but after reading some reviews, I’m not really into it anymore.

4) Hit by Delilah S. Dawson

Why it’s on my TBR: I think I saw this on the “New Additions” shelf at the library and added it to the list so I could research it more later. I really don’t remember how it got here.

Why I haven’t read it yet: I don’t think I was that interested in it to begin with, and there were always books I was more excited to read. I don’t even remember seeing it again since that first time.

Will it survive? No. The concept doesn’t intrigue me, I’m not a huge fan of assassins (well, most of them), and the “hot rich kid” in the blurb really turns me off. Say goodbye to the TBR.

5) Across the Universe by Beth Revisuniverse

Why it’s on my TBR: I saw it at the library, and I thought the cover was pretty (it still is, by the way). The storyline seemed moderately interesting at the time, so I added it to the list.

Why I haven’t read it yet: This book was one of those ones that I added on a whim and never thought about it again. It got buried among the list and was forgotten.

Will it survive? No. Looking at it again now, I can’t say I’m that interested in it anymore. Still, it’s a beautiful cover.

6) Nerve by Jeanne Ryan

Why it’s on my TBR: I saw this at Barnes & Noble and almost bought it, but I elected for something else (don’t ask me, I forget). Still, the idea of the “dare game” sounded different and exciting, so I added it to the list.

Why I haven’t read it yet: I was never able to get my hands on it while I was still excited about it, so it was eventually forgotten until recently, when the movie adaptation was released.

Will it survive? Sure, why not. Though it’s not at the top of the list, I still think the idea sounds interesting enough for me to give it a shot. Plus, it looks like it’s a standalone novel, and it’ll be refreshing to read something that’s a story in and of itself. I’m getting tired of all these trilogies…

7) Revolution 19 by Gregg Rosenblumrev19

Why it’s on my TBR: I guess I thought it looked interesting back when I first stumbled upon it. This was in a time before the dystopian market was utterly saturated, mind you.

Why I haven’t read it yet: I started to read it once upon a time, and I only got a few chapters in before I lost interest. Plus, it was due back at the library. I never checked it out again.

Will it survive? Not a chance. I’m tired of dystopians, especially ones that look as bland as this. Plus, the GoodReads blurb has this wonderfully arrogant paragraph:

Revolution 19 is a cinematic thriller unlike anything else. With a dynamic cast of characters, this surefire blockbuster has everything teen readers want—action, drama, mystery, and romance. Written by debut novelist Gregg Rosenblum, this gripping story shouldn’t be missed.

It sounds like a book that wasn’t interested on telling a good story, just on making a quick buck off of gullible teenagers. Like a bunch of adults got around a conference table and decided THEY knew what young adults wanted. “How can we make this book as relevant as possible to the current generation?” Yikes.

Fellow readers, will you be clearing out your TBR this year? Have you read any of these books, or are any of them on your TBR? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so drop a comment bellow and let me know!

Have a great week, and be sure to come back next Monday for the rest of the list!

7 thoughts on “The Great TBR Purge of 2017 – Part 1

    • Thanks! It didn’t really occur to me until just the other day, but there are a LOT of books on my list that I’m not even remotely interested in anymore. It’s an interesting project, that’s for sure.


  1. I feel ya. Eleanor and Park has been sitting on my shelf for so long it’s not even funny. So many of these books I wanted to read at one time but never got around to checking them out. It’s honestly such a struggle. I seriously filled an entire top ten list of series that I need to finish (that I have the books for) it’s honestly pathetic. Great job on cleaning out your TBR – i’m hoping to do the same.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Same here. I think it’s at the campus library, so perhaps I’ll check it out soon. Many of these books I was very interested in reading at the time I first came across them, but now I don’t even think about them. I think I’m really going to make an effort to read as many books on my TBR this year. I’m sure I’ll still add some, but I’ve been waiting far too long to read some of these.

      Thanks for stopping by, Olivia!


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