Week In Review – April 7

Welcome to Friday everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a good week and are ready for the weekend! Mine wasn’t too bad – like I mentioned on Friday, I saw La La Land with my friends on Friday, went to a birthday party and that Battle Royale event on Saturday , and did some other fun stuff this week too.

In case you missed it, I wrote a blog post about Christian metal on Monday, in which I give my defense of the “genre.” That was one that took quite a bit of thought to put together, so if you’re interested, I’d love it if you checked it out!

And as for the rest of the week…

Song of the Week

Internet Round-Up: I actually don’t have anything today, because I haven’t been following news/videos/blogs as much as I normally do, and I didn’t see much that caught my eye. Come back next week to see what I find!

In school… This week wasn’t bad in terms of workload, it was just a lot of busywork, which is annoying. I’m making progress in going through my sources of my research project (more on that in a minute), and we’ve also started building our websites in my computers class! I’m a bit ahead of the game because I’ve been teaching myself HTML and CSS, but I really like it. It’s fun to be creative and put the coding “puzzle” together.

Reading… This past week I read Troubled Minds by Amy Simpson, which is a nonfiction book about mental illness and the Christian church. I read it as part of my research project, but it was actually a really good book in its own right. If you’re passionate about mental health like I am, or are just interested in the subject, this book is definitely worth checking out.


Writing… I’ve been working on my Camp NaNoWriMo project, which is a satirical story about young adult books and their tropes. As of right now, my word count is at 7,507 words, which puts me a bit ahead of schedule for my 20,000 word goal. So yes, right now, things are going well! If you’re interesting in what my story’s about, I’ll share the “blurb” I wrote for it below. Perhaps you’ll see a few things reminiscent of a certain blog post I once wrote…

Devan Academy Code of Conduct

  • Do not litter on campus
  • Do not be late for class
  • Do not interfere with the story

Quinn Aberdeen and Vera Warden are just ordinary sixteen-year-old girls – that is, until they enter the Devan Academy, a school that turns normal people into fictional characters.

Quinn is an outcast among the other heroines in her program, airheads who only are about what they look like. The school year drags on until Quinn meets Blake Powers, the mysterious bad boy with emerald eyes, and everything changes. Blake claims that destiny has brought them together, and that Quinn is far more special than she realizes. Driven by the passion they have for each other, the couple starts a revolution at the Academy, risking everything to bring down the administration that underestimated them.

It’s enough to make Vera want to throw up. She doesn’t care much for their petty revolution, only that Quinn has entirely abandoned the promise they made: don’t become a cliché. But as things slowly start to get out of hand, Vera must choose to either follow the rules and accept the story or to save Quinn from herself. Will she be able to save her best friend before it’s too late?

Gaming… I finished Dual Destinies, the fifth game in the Ace Attorney franchise, on Wednesday night, and WOW. I won’t bore you with all of my thoughts, but I just wanted to share that since that series is one of my favorites. (Okay, technically I still have the “bonus” case to do, but I finished the main story.)

triple objection

Playing… I joined a rec basketball team at my school, and we started out games this week. Unfortunately, we lost both pretty badly, but it was still fun. We’re planning to get together sometime this weekend to practice, so that should help us in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to… Next weekend, I’ll be home to see my family for Easter, which I’m definitely looking forward to. I also have some exciting things coming up with Minds Matter later this month, so that’s a good thing on the horizon too.

Feeling… This week had its ups and downs and it really took a lot out of me. I’m not sick anymore, I just get really tired by the end of the day, physically and mentally. Fortunately, my workload has been light, it’s just involved a lot of pushing myself to get things done.

Thankful for…warm weather, walks outside, tea and birthdays, basketball, my parents, and quiet moments to myself.

tea party

How was your week? I’d love to hear about what you’ve been up to lately, or just your ups and downs this past week (we all have those, no worries). If you’d like to start a conversation with me, drop a comment in the section below and say hi!

Have a great weekend everyone, and I’ll see you on Monday!

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