Week In Review – June 2

Welcome to Friday!

I hope all of you had a great week, and especially for my U.S. followers, I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend and were able to spend some time with your families. I went to a picnic with some relatives in Maryland, which was fun! It was good to be able to see everyone, especially those I hadn’t seen in a while.

Before I get to the week in review, in case you missed it, this week I shared some of my baking adventures, where I made raspberry lemonade cupcakes, just in time for summer! I also participated in the Daily Quote Challenge and broke all of the rules. Whoops. But I had fun with it and I enjoyed finding quotes to share with you all.

Also, this week in Musings History, I shared my first “Writing Lessons From…” post about the novel Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson. I’m still proud of the way this one turned out, and I hope I can write more for this series in the future!

Song of the Week

Internet Round-Up

  • Katie Gregoire’s video “What we need to STOP saying to Christian singles.” Katie expresses a lot of thoughts I’ve been having lately with how people, especially in the church, tend to handle singleness, and I thought this video was fantastic.
  • Replay: A Metal Tribute to Video Games” was a combination of two of my favorite things that I came across this week. It doesn’t include every game ever created, but it includes some of the most iconic (in my opinion) video game music out there.
  • Grace @ Writerly shared a post about female lead characters in fiction, which I thought was spot-on. I’m currently working on developing a female MC for another new project idea, and keeping these thoughts in mind is extremely helpful.
  • Nova McBee’s guest post on Hannah Heath’s blog this past week was all about writing groups and the Avengers, which makes it just plain awesome. if you didn’t have enough of a reason to seek out other writers, perhaps this will convince you.

In May… I did alright with my daily goals. To be honest, this last semester really wiped me out in a number of ways, and with getting Breath of the Wild, I really just wanted to spend my time exploring Hyrule and chilling out that way. I did do a lot of writing and blogging this month though, and I got ahead on my reading goals too. I think in June I’m going to try something new with my “Skill” goals to lessen the pressure, but we’ll see.

2017-06-01 001 May Tracker

Writing… Remember how I mentioned I had a new story idea last week? Well, I have another brand new one this week. It’s different than pretty much anything I’ve ever done in that it’s fantasy and quest-driven, for which I blame Breath of the Wild completely. As of right now I’m still trying to figure out the world it takes place in, but I can tell you for certain that there are dragons.

fantasy idea
Just one of the many things on my storyboard…

Reading… 1984. Still. And I’m still bored by it, but I’m determined to finish.

Excited about… The Legend of Zelda: Art and Artifacts. I (impulsively) bought it yesterday because I just couldn’t pass it up. It’s nearly twice the size of Hyrule Historia and stuffed full of art and designs from the Zelda series, so I look forward to glancing through it all sometime soon.

2017-06-01 004 Art & Artifacts

Feeling… Alright. I’ve been feeling rather worn down lately as I’ve had a lot going on in my life ever since I came back from school (and while I was at school too). I’ve been doing my best to remember to relax and do fun things, but there are still some days when I’m drained. This weekend is also the memorial service for my Grandma, who passed away just over a month ago from cancer. I know it’s going to be an emotionally overwhelming day with a lot going on and a lot of people there, and so if it crosses your mind, I’d appreciate your prayers this weekend.

Thankful for… Safe travels, shiny new ideas, a clean house, warm sunny days, ice cream, and finally getting all of my photos sorted and backed up.

How was your week? Did you do anything special for Memorial Day? Are you ready for the summer? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Until next time!


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