Week In Review – June 16

Happy Friday, everyone!

I hope you all had a good week and are enjoying your summer (well, if you’re in the Northern hemisphere, I suppose. This week, I wrote a blog post about the Importance of Local Libraries, and I also participated in June’s Beautiful People linkup, so if you missed those posts, be sure to check them out!

Also, this week in Musings history, I shared my Top 5 Male Singers as the first part in a two-part series. Even though my music taste has changed a little since then and I’d perhaps change this list a little if I were to update it, I still really like all of these musicians and I still think they’re incredible.

What else have I been up to this week? Read on!

Song of the Week
I was listening to The Inner Tube episode with Matt Langston the other day, so here’s a Jellyrox song.

Internet Round-Up

  • My friend Christiana started a brand-new blog about books, writing, perfectionism, and many other things, so if you like the stuff I talk about, you should stop over and pay her website a visit!
  • S.M. Metzler’s post “Twenty One Pilots and Expressing Belief Through Art,” was a fantastic read this week. A lot of what she said is similar to what I think about art and honesty in music, so it’s definitely worth a read.
  • Hannah Heath’s post about Socially Awkward Characters was also a great post I read (today, actually). I don’t have any socially awkward characters of my own, but if you have one or are thinking about writing one, she has some great tips for you.
  • My friend Charmaine is reviving her YouTube channel with a new video this week! If you like books and writing, you should stop by and subscribe, it sounds like she has a lot of good stuff on the way.

red queen

Reading… Not 1984! I finally finished the darn thing this past week, and I’m glad it’s over. It was definitely a thought-provoking book, but I just did not have the motivation to read it. Now that I’m done with that, I’ve moved on to Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, which is pretty good, though there are more messy love quadrangles than I expected. Oh well.

Writing… Same as I was last week, still working away at that fantasy idea (if you want to know more about it, read my Beautiful People post from this week). It’s fun and challenging at the same time

Excited about… All the new E3 announcements! E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) happened this week, and with it came a lot of awesome gaming announcements. I mostly paid attention to Nintendo’s stuff, and they had plenty of cool things to show off! You can check it all out here, but I’m most excited for the new Metroid game(s), Super Mario Odyssey, and the Breath of the Wild expansions that are coming.

metroid prime 4

Thankful for… Ice cream, visits to the library, breakfast out, Scrivener, books I enjoy, and movie nights.

How was your week? Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend? What music have you been listening to lately? Feel free to drop a comment down below!

See you on Monday!

One thought on “Week In Review – June 16

  1. I’m a little unclear about the term “love quadrangle.” In my understanding, a “quadrangle” is an architectural feature, typically an exterior space within a building surrounded by four walls (hence the “quad” part.

    If you’re using “quadrangle” as a superseding of the better-known “love TRIANGLE,” then I would suggest the word correct geometric term is “quadrilateral,” which, admittedly, lacks the assonance of “quadrangle” but is probably geometrically correct.

    That being said, a quadrangle is, by definition, a quadrilateral, so there is some synonyminity, and therefore your usage is probably correct, just not in the commonly-understood sense.


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