A Few of My Favorite Writing Blogs

When I was a kid, I had a blog just for my own amusement that went through various phases of activity and inactivity. Eventually, I put that website to rest for good and moved on. But I’m back in the blogosphere, which begs the question: What inspired me to blog again?

My blogging revival, so to speak, has a lot to do with myself personally becoming more involved in the blogging community as I entered my final year of high school. As a writer hoping to improve my craft, I looked to writing blogs for tips and advice to help me in my journey. Reading posts from these different sites is what inspired me to start up a new blog, and to this day, I’m still learning a lot from them with each post.

Today, I want to share a few of my favorite writing blogs with you. Not all of them are the ones that initially inspired me to blog again, but they all provide assistance and encouragement for me as I continue to grow as a writer.

skiesHannah Heath’s Blog

How To Identify and Obliterate Sexism in Your Novel
7 Cliché Characters in YA Fiction That Need to Stop
8 Tips for Developing a Strong Theme for Your Novel

Hannah Heath’s blog is the perfect combination of sarcasm, witty humor, geeky references, and solid writing advice. She’s not afraid to address the issues in Young Adult (YA) fiction head-on, and she always does an excellent job providing advice for her readers. Plus, her bookish recipes look absolutely amazing. Hannah’s also written a fantastic short story titled “Skies of Dripping Gold,” which I definitely recommend.

Quill Pen Writer

Why You Should Roleplay
5 Ways I Develop Characters
Questions to Ask When Creating a Fantasy Religion

Quill Pen Writer is run by Melissa Gravitis, and I actually found her blog through the Beautiful People linkup (see, it does work!). I really love her thoughtful approach to writing, and her blog posts about fantasy writing have been really helpful for me lately. Plus, I love hearing about her amazing ongoing writing projects.

Write for the King

Five Ways to Twist the Chosen One Cliché
3 Tips for Plotting an Action Packed Journey
How Myers Briggs Personality Types Can Help Writers

Gabrielle Massman’s blog, Write for the King, has remained one of my favorites for a long time. Her posts on Myers-Briggs types for writers have helped me develop my own characters (according to her blog, her type is INTJ, so we share that in common). She’s passionate about her writing, her beliefs, and combining the two, which I really like to see.

Wanderer’s Pen

“So Your Character is…” series (scroll to last section)
Heroes 101: Yes, They Can Be as Interesting as Antiheroes
6 Questions to Ask Yourself if a Point of View is Necessary for Your Novel

Wanderer’s Pen has a lot of great resources for writers. In nearly every post about writing, Victoria Grace Howell (the author) shares solid examples from other works of fiction like books, movies, films, and even video games to help her readers. This blog is also home to one of my favorite sources for research, the “So Your Character is…” series. It shares first-hand information from readers about other countries and cultures, life with disabilities, and other miscellaneous things that would be hard to write about if you had not experienced it yourself.

wtwgw-ebook-coverYou Write Fiction

Your Story’s Closing Line: 7 Practical Tips
22 Symptoms of Characteritis
10 Incorrect Assumptions About Writers

Nate Philbrick’s blog, You Write Fiction, is full of clever posts about writing and the writer’s life. He pokes fun at writing cliches and at writers themselves (because let’s be honest, we do have a lot of weird quirks), but it’s always clever and in good fun. His book, Where the Woods Grow Wild, is still one of my favorites that I’ve read this year, and another one that I can highly recommend.

Honorable Mentions

There are plenty of other writing blogs that I love as well, and even though I can’t describe them all at length today, it would be a terrible injustice if I didn’t give them a shoutout too.

Genuine Perplexities
Go Teen Writers
Helping Writers Become Authors
Tea with Tumnus

Fellow writers, what are some of your favorite blogs? Do you have one of your own? Feel free to share links below, I’d love to check out what you have to say!

Until next time!

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