Beautiful People #27 – August 2017

Another month, another edition of Beautiful People! For those who don’t know, BP is a monthly blog linkup hosted by Paper Fury and Further Up & Further In. Each month, they share a list of ten questions for writers to think about for one of their characters, and then the writers share their answers on their blog! It’s a great way for fellow writers to connect with each other, so for more information, click here.

The last time I did BP was back in June, when I introduced my character Myrina from a new fantasy-based project that I’m working on and planning to draft for NaNoWriMo this November. The plot details are still a little iffy, but I’m really excited for the story.

This month, I’d like to introduce another main character from that story, one that comes from a much different background than Myrina. This character is Adrien Bryton, the crown prince of Reystrell, which is another one of the nations in my world. He’s younger than Myrina by a few years, and under normal circumstances, it’s unlikely that the two of them would ever meet. However, Myrina protects Adrien from an attack on the palace during one of her diplomatic missions to Reystrell, and when it’s discovered that the prince’s life is in danger, it falls to Myrina to protect him while he’s a fugitive.

That pretty much covers everything you need to know about Adrien to start, so read on to learn more about him!

1) What are they addicted to/can’t live without?

Reading and learning, actually. Adrien’s honestly kind of a nerd (if his culture had a word like that) and he loves reading books on history, politics, art, philosophy, and so on. Now, if he actually put that knowledge to work it’d actually be useful, but he’d rather just keep reading than actually apply what he’s learned.

old books

2) Name 3 positive and 3 negative qualities about your character.

Positives: he’s idealistic, intelligent, and good at handling tricky situations.
Negatives: he’s naive, inexperienced, and it can be difficult for him to adjust his vision of the world to how the world actually is.

3) Are they holding onto something they should get rid of?

He has a book about magic that he took from the Tenochan Library that he should probably get rid of. Not only did he steal it, but in areas where magic is frowned upon, it could easily get him into trouble.

4) If 10 is completely organized and 1 is completely messy, where do they fall on the scale?

Probably 7 or 8. Adrien thrives on organization and order, but he also has his moments of messiness, like misplacing his fencing gear or forgetting an important meeting with a tutor or palace official. He’s working on it.

5) What most frustrates them about the world they live in?

Being nobility, Adrien is pretty sheltered growing up and has an easy life without much to frustrate him. However, as he travels the world over the course of the story, he starts to see more of the injustices in the world, and it frustrates him a lot, especially because there isn’t much he can do to solve the problems. He’s a fugitive prince of just one nation, what can he do?

silver crown

6) How would they dress for a night out? How would they dress for a night in?

For Adrien, a night out usually means formal meetings with important nobility, so he wears typical royal attire: black trousers, black leather boots, and a dark purple coat/robe with a belt. He also wears a ceremonial (useless) sword and a silver crown. Outside of that, he usually wears something similar, just less fancy and without the crown and sword.

7) How many shoes do they own, and what kind?

As the crown prince, he’s owned a lot of nice shoes. Mostly sturdy boots and perhaps some slippers or something for around the palace. Possibly about 10 pairs of shoes total at once.

Magnum 2

8) Do they have any pets? What pet do they WISH they had?

Adrien does have a pet dog! He’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Magnum, and he was given to Adrien for his thirteenth birthday with the intention that he would be a hunting dog. But with Adrien preferring to play music rather than go hunting, Magnum became more of a palace pet.



9) Is there something or someone that they resent? Why and what happened?

A certain member of nobility, who shall remain nameless mostly because they don’t have a name once insulted Adrien’s mother, the queen, while rather, ah, inebriated. Adrien was the only one who overheard though, and he’s kept this information to himself. However, he really resents the nobleman for this – Adrien takes pride in his family, and the fact that someone would insult the queen upset him deeply.

10) What’s usually in their fridge or pantry?

Adrien doesn’t keep his own stock of food, but when he’s on the run, he tries to keep fruits and vegetables with him, especially apples. He likes meat, but he isn’t a fan of the wild game Myrina hunts.

Fellow writers, how would you answer these questions for your characters? If you’re participating in BP this month, feel free too drop a link to your post, or just tell me about it in the comments! I’d love to hear about your characters!

Until next time!

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6 thoughts on “Beautiful People #27 – August 2017

  1. “Now, if he actually put that knowledge to work it’d actually be useful, but he’d rather just keep reading than actually apply what he’s learned.” Same!!!

    “A certain member of nobility, who shall remain nameless mostly because they don’t have a name” I’ve been around since show one and they still haven’t given me a name!

    Keep me posted…I’m excited for this project 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Faith! I’m hoping this will be my NaNo project this year, so I’ll keep writing about it when I can. Thanks for the feedback – we’ll have to talk more sometime!


  2. “a ceremonial (useless) sword” 🙂 I like this.

    He sounds a lot like me…. I’m excited to see where this goes! You’ll have to fill me in next time I see you. He really does sound like a great character to be randomly thrust into running away and surviving, and I bet there will be a lot of golden moments :).g

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Grace! I’m really excited for this new project, haha, and I’d love to talk to you about it next time we meet! Yeah, there are definitely some golden moments… he’s a bit sheltered by the palace walls, so being thrust into the “real world” is a bit of a shock!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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