Week In Review – August 25

Welcome to Friday, everyone!

It’s been a crazy week since I last posted – as I mentioned last week, I arrived back at school early for a leadership training week with Minds Matter. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, Minds Matter is a organization on my school’s campus that promotes positive mental health through educational events and fun activities. I’m the Vice President of Media for MM, and so I was invited to go early for leadership training and planning. It’s been busy, but I’m really having fun and I’m excited for the new school year!

This week on my blog, I shared two new posts! On Monday, I shared some Writing Lessons from Hamilton, the hip-hop musical that took the world by storm a few years ago, and on Wednesday, I participated in the Beautiful People linkup for August! I really enjoyed writing both of these posts, so be sure to check them out sometime!

As for the rest of the week…

Song of the Week

Internet Round-Up
Keep in mind I’m still playing catch-up on my internet activity, so some of these things are a week or so old, but they’re still worth checking out!

Reading… I finished The Girls of Atomic City this week, finally! It was a great book and I enjoyed reading it, but with all of the information it was giving sometimes, I had to take breaks to avoid being overwhelmed. I have some other nonfiction I’d like to read and re-read soon, but since that’s pretty much what I read all summer, I’m starting Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass next to give myself a break.

Writing… stuff about magic! For the “Quest” fantasy project I’ve been working on, there is magic involved, and I spent some time this week figuring out how exactly it works in my world. I never knew how much planning I’d have to do for this project, but I’m slowly getting closer to where I need to be by November!

Watching… well, nothing right now. I just finished Avatar: The Last Airbender, which is probably considered a children’s cartoon by some, but I actually loved it. It has some of the best storytelling I’ve seen in a TV show in a while, the characters were fantastic, and the series finale was very satisfying. If you’re interested in watching something a little different, it’s worth checking out!

Looking forward to… Seeing my friends when they move in! I’m also actually really excited about this coming school year – I have some classes that look like fun, so it should be an awesome year!

Thankful for… laughter, sleeping bags, my strengths, local libraries, letters from friends, and stories.

How was your week? I’d love to hear about it in the comments, so feel free to share!

See you on Monday!

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