Week In Review – September 1

Welcome to Friday everyone!

This week was the first week of school, and I’ve been pretty busy with stuff already, so this WIR is gonna be short (by the way, quick question for you all at the end of this post, if you enjoy sharing your opinions). Anyway, this week, I shared 6 Tips on Surviving College as an Introvert, so if you’re in college, this one’s for you!

As for the rest of the week, here’s a quick wrap-up!

Song of the Week

Internet Round-Up
All geek-related this week!

  • From Wanderer’s Pen, “Tori’s Tips for Convention Preparation” was a super helpful article to read, considering I’m heading to a Comic-Con next weekend!
  • Side Quests of Christianity” from Geeks Under Grace offered a really interesting take on side quests in video games and how they relate to the Christian life.
  • Also from GUG, “Zuko and the Prodigal Son,” was a great article I read (spoilers for Avatar: The Last Airbender). I really enjoyed the way they analyzed his character and redemption arc and related it to the biblical parable.

In school… I’ve been pretty busy! Classes started on Tuesday, and so far, they’ve been good! This semester, I’m taking Bible, Writing Fiction, U.S. History (after 1865), French, and Marketing. There are some I think I’ll enjoy more than others, of course, but I think they’ll be good classes.

throne of glass

Reading… Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas! I’m enjoying it a lot so far, and even though it’s not a genre I typically read, I like the story. I can’t say I’ve connected super well with the characters, but then again, I’m not very far in yet, so we’ll have to see.

Playing… Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice. It’s currently the most recent entry in the AA main series, and I just started the final case of the game (aside from the bonus case). In a way, it’s a bit bittersweet knowing I’ll be finishing one of my favorite franchises soon, but hopefully there’s more to come!

Feeling… A bit worn out, but not in a bad way, if that makes sense. I started going back to the gym at school, so it’s been exhausting trying to get back into that routine. At the same time though, I’m feeling excited, so it’s not really a “bad tired.” I have a busy schedule in the next few weekends, so hopefully I can find some time to rest before then.

Thankful for… geeky talks with good friends, M&M’s, new posters, video games, Chick-Fil-A, sleeping in, and the new gym.

So, readers, I have a question for you. It’s been kinda hard putting these WIR posts together over the past few weeks, and part of that is because I’m still getting back into my blogging routine. However, I’ve also realized that the WIR posts are generally more of a personal thing rather than something that people really enjoy reading. I’m thinking about changing it up again sometime soon, but I wanted to get your thoughts.

Should I…

  • Keep doing WIR posts every Friday?
  • Do “Month in Review” posts (similar to my old “Best Of” posts, but changed up a bit)?
  • Do WIR posts biweekly?
  • Do a “Life Update” post when I feel it’s necessary?
  • Stop doing these sort of posts altogether?
  • Or something else?

I’m open to any and all suggestions! I wanted to get your opinion because really, as much as I love creating something that I enjoy, I want it to be something my audience (all of you) enjoys as well.

So how was your week? What have you been reading, or what cool things did you find on the internet this week? Share your thoughts below, I’d love to here them!

See you Monday!

2 thoughts on “Week In Review – September 1

  1. Keep doing WIR. Apart from the fact that you’d have to change the name if you did anything different, if something is not done on a frequent and regular basis, it tends to fall by the wayside. If it becomes too much, you can always shorten it or use different formats in various weeks.


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