Week In Review – October 20

Welcome to Friday, everyone!

As you may know, I was on Fall Break last week, and I stayed on campus with a bunch of my friends for the long weekend. We went to a local animal shelter and spent time with the cats and dogs there, visited a corn maze, went on late night adventures to diners, and just had a great time in general. It was such an amazing break, and I’m so thankful for the time we got to spend together!

I also participated in my first readathon with my roommate, Charmaine – we spent Saturday trying to read as many pages as possible. I ended up finishing a book, which was relatively short, but it helped me catch up on my reading goal of the year. I think Charmaine’s planning on putting a video together for it eventually, so when she does, I’ll be sure to link to it. [UPDATE: Here’s the link to the video!]

And finally, I got to meet an author on Sunday! I went to Elizabeth Wein’s event at a bookstore near my school, and I was able to get two books signed by her. It was so cool to meet her in real life

This week I published two blog posts: On Monday, I shared my tips for visiting college campuses, and on Wednesday, I participated in the Beautiful Books linkup for NaNoWriMo. I’m really enjoyed putting both of these posts together, so if you missed them, feel free to take a look!

Song of the Week

Internet Round-Up
Lots of videos this week!

In school… I’ve been a bit busy, though not as much as I was last week. Mostly just reading this week, not a lot of big assignments. I still have a lot going on, but it’s more manageable – I just hope it stays that way…

Reading… February by Gabrielle Lord. I finished Resistance last week, and then I participated in the readathon and read January, which you can probably guess is the prequel to February. They’re a part of a series that takes place over the course of twelve months, and concept interested me, but I’m not sure I like the story. I already bought the first four books at a used bookstore though, so I’ll probably read those and then see where I’m at.

Writing…. More stuff for NaNo! I’m trying to get as much preparation done before November as I can. Other than that, I recently wrote a retelling of a myth for my Fiction Writing class, and I actually had a lot of fun with that project. It’s nice to have other projects I can pick up when I get exhausted by my NaNo story.

Looking forward to… Homecoming! I’m usually not big on all of the social events, but my parents are coming to my school tomorrow for Homecoming, and I’m looking forward to seeing them and spending time with them.

Thankful for… Kittens and puppies, new haircuts, driving with friends, meeting an awesome author, phone conversations with my parents, a good Monday, and milkshakes.

How was your week, everyone? I’d love to hear about what you’ve been up to, just drop a comment below! Let’s talk!

Until next time!

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