Week In Review – November 17

Welcome to Friday!

I’m keeping it short this week, so no long introduction today. This week, I blogged about the different types of writer friends. I had a lot of fun putting this list together, so if you’re a writer, or if you know some writers, be sure to take a look sometime!

Song of the Week

Internet Round-Up

In School… I’ve been pretty busy. I have a lot of big assignments going on right now, and very little time to do them in. Just counting down the days until I get to my break…

Writing… my NaNo novel! Right now, I’m at 26,781 words, which is just enough to stay on track with my word count. I’m planning to work on getting ahead some more over the weekend and during Thanksgiving break next week, so I’m not too worried – after all, I’m already halfway there.

Feeling… tired and stressed. Not sure why, but there’s been a lot going on and it’s left me exhausted. The good news is, I have Thanksgiving break to look forward to, I just have to keep going a little while longer.

Looking forward to… painting the new Minds Matter office this weekend and going home to see my family for Thanksgiving.

Thankful for… having dinner with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, warm mugs of tea, watching football, vanilla ice cream, my new gloves, and movie nights.

How was your week? For those of you in the United States, do you have any fun plans for Thanksgiving? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


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