Week In Review – February 9

Happy Friday, everyone!

This week has been pretty interesting – I caught a cold on Sunday morning, and so I’ve been dealing with that all this week. Coupled with the start of the semester, it’s been a little crazy, but thankfully I’m feeling much better now. I also had a snow day on Wednesday, so I got to get some much-needed rest and relaxation.

On Monday, I shared a post about the Things I Learned From Being Cyberschooled. My high school experience was unique in a number of ways, but it definitely taught me a lot of useful skills, so if that interests you, be sure to give that post a read!

Song of the Week

Internet Round-Up

Also, Hannah Heath just released a new story, Colors of Fear! I haven’t read it yet, but I loved her previous work, Skies of Dripping Gold, so I’m sure this is just as good! You can read S.M. Metzler’s review here, or check it out on Amazon with the links above!

In school… I just started my spring semester classes on Monday, and so far, so good! We actually had a pretty big snowstorm on Wednesday, so all of our classes were cancelled, which was a much-needed break since I’ve been dealing with a cold the last few days. I’m not super excited about many of my classes right now, but they seem interesting enough, so we’ll see how the next few months go.

Reading… The Mystery by Lacey Sturm! I’ve been looking forward to reading Lacey’s second book since it came out, and I finally got the chance to start it a few days ago. It’s just as amazing as The Reason, and another joy to read. I haven’t finished it yet, but when I do, you’ll get my full verdict (spoilers: it’s probably going to be very good).

Watching… No TV shows, but I did just watch all three of the Star Wars prequels with some of my friends. I’d never seen them before and now that I have… I can’t say I feel like I was missing much. Well, at least I can understand the memes now.

Thankful for… clean sheets, new pens, cookies, spending time with friends, having a day off from class, and off-brand Dayquil.

How are you doing this week, readers? What have you been up to lately? Let me know in the comments!

See you Monday!

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