3 Thrilling Podcasts

In the age of Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services, some might say that radio is dead. Though I hardly agree that that’s true, I think the talk radio of yesterday has evolved into a new form – the podcast.

For those unfamiliar with the term, podcasts are shows presented in an audio format, but unlike radio, which is broadcast or streamed, podcast is shared in episodes, which can be downloaded by listeners. Podcasts have a wide range of genres as well – some are informative, some cover news and current events, and others may even be audio dramas.

Personally, I listen to podcasts on and off. For me, it’s hard to focus on things like schoolwork and writing while listening to someone else’s voice, but when I’m working on other projects (like, say, a cosplay project…), they can be really entertaining to listen to. This week, I’m rounding up three of my favorite podcasts.

The Inner Tube

The Inner Tube is hosted by friends Josh Taylor (of Blimey Cow) and Kevin McCreary (of Say Goodnight Kevin) and focuses on the struggles of content creation. Both hosts are YouTubers, and so they have experience in the area of creating media for the internet and are hoping to use that advise other content creators. The show’s format is usually focused on questions from listeners, ranging from things like “What’s a good camera to use for this type of show?” to “I accidentally caused a controversy with my latest blog post/video/podcast/etc., what should I do?”inner tube

The discussions that Josh and Kevin have on the show are helpful for any content creator, even if you’re not interested in YouTube. Though I’ve dabbled in YouTube here and there, I mainly focus on blogging; even so, I’ve learned a lot of useful tips from The Inner Tube, from making cover/thumbnail images to engaging an audience. And, of course, the show is just plain entertaining. Although some of the inside jokes may seem weird at first, the two hosts play really well off of each other, making The Inner Tube both entertaining and informative.


Eleventylife was started by Matt Langston and Davey Davenport, members of Eleventyseven (a band that never gained much recognition outside of a song named for a now-defunct social network). The band broke up in 2014, then came back together in 2016 to create this podcast and also a new album. Eleventylife starts off as an oral history of sorts, where the members discuss the band’s origins and career.


Now, I was/am a fan of Eleventyseven, so I was interested in the stories anyway, but even if you’ve never heard of them before in your life, Matt and Davey have some pretty interesting discussions about their experiences with the music industry, especially with labels, business, and so on. What’s also interesting is that originally, Eleventyseven was marketed as a “Christian punk band” in the mid-2000s, and since then, the band has tried to break away from that label and actually portray the kind of image they think is honest.

If you like oral history, hearing about the music industry (particularly the Christian music industry), or happen to be a fan of Eleventyseven, Eleventylife definitely presents some interesting and intriguing thoughts.

Note: There are occasional uses of crude language in this podcast, which doesn’t take away from how interesting it is, but I figured I should warn you since I know there are some younger people who read this blog.


Sometimes, you just want to listen to something fun. The RIOT is a daily podcast taken from RadioU’s weekday morning show, hosted by Obadiah and Nikki. No topic goes untouched in the RIOT, from the craziest news of the day to weird stories from everyday life (my personal favorite is the flaming lawnmower story).

The Riot

Granted, The RIOT is a little different than other podcasts, but it’s entertaining to listen to, and it’s a good pick-me-up on rough days. Obadiah and Nikki make great cohosts, and the show is a refreshing take on the typical morning radio show.

Readers, have you ever listened to any of these podcasts? What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great week!

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