Week In Review – May 11

Happy Friday, everyone!

I hope your May is going well and you’re enjoying the outdoors (if that’s your thing, that is). I’ve been doing pretty well myself – I got to celebrate my birthday this past weekend, so that was pretty exciting.

Speaking of which, my blog post this week is all about 20 Things I’ve Learned in the Past 20 Years, so if you’re looking for some serious and/or silly advice, you’ll probably want to give that a read.

And don’t forget, you just have one more week to enter my blog survey and giveaway! Want to make Maggie’s Musings an even better place? Read the details here.

Song of the week

Internet Round-Up

In school… it’s finals week! I had my two biggest exams yesterday, so fortunately that’s out of the way now. I have to turn in a paper and a “take-home exam” by Monday, so I’ll be doing that over the next few days. Once that’s done though, my semester will be over! It’s so crazy to think I’ll be done with my second year of college in just a matter of days.

Listening to… Some Wolves At The Gate, Random Hero, Spoken, Children 18:3, and some other bands in that same genre-ish. I saw Random Hero and Spoken at City Rockfest last week (more on that in a sec), so I’ve been enjoying the albums I got from them.

Watching… a few episodes of Death Note here and there, but I did just rewatch Captain America: The Winter Soldier with some of my friends for my birthday. It’s been a while since I saw it last, and it was really cool to see it again, especially in light of Infinity War.

Writing… nothing at the moment, but two of my works just got published in my school’s literary magazine! One was a short story, the other was a “blackout poem” I created using a page from a book. I won’t share them in full here, but that was a pretty cool experience of the week.

Playing… Pokémon Go, but not much other than that. With the summer weather coming in, the competition has gotten a little… heated on campus. I’m just looking forward to when everyone leaves and I can claim all of the gyms for Team Valor.

(Still) Super happy about… going to City Rockfest! I mentioned it last week, but now I can tell you all about it! All of the artists were absolutely amazing, and I enjoyed seeing all of them, even the ones I didn’t know much about (like Random Hero and The Protest). I also got to meet Spoken, Random Hero, Disciple, and As We Ascend after the show! I got to talk with Justin Foreshaw and Jake Jones from AWA for a few minutes, and I even got a picture with them. Overall, it was an awesome show!


Thankful for… meeting As We Ascend, late night conversations, safe travels, rock & roll worship, finishing my poem portfolio, spending the evening with my mom, having friends with similar tastes in music, lunch with my friends, and Pokémon Raids.

Readers, do you have any exciting plans for the summer? When are you done with final exams? What new bands have you been listening to? Let me know in the comments!

See you on Monday!

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