Language of Worlds #3: September - October 2018

The Language of Worlds Linkup #3

As I mentioned last week, I’m taking a bit of a “sabbatical” from blogging for the next month in order to be able to restore myself creatively. I’m still posting weekly, but I’m focusing on things like linkups, blog tags, and so on – partly because I’ve been wanting to do them for a while, and partly because they don’t require as much creative energy from me.

This week, I’m participating in the Language of Worlds Linkup, which is hosted by Liv K. Fisher. The Language of Worlds is a bimontly character linkup (think like the Beautiful People linkup). It’s specifically tailored to Christian speculative fiction (sci-fi and fantasy), but it’s open to anyone who wants to participate. If you’re interested, you can read more about it on Liv’s blog.

I’ve never done this linkup before, but I decided to give it a try with Silas, a character from my fantasy work-in-progress that lacks a proper title. I won’t tell you much about him, since you’ll meet him in a minute, but here’s a quick overview: Silas is a bounty hunter that meets Myrina and Adrien in the course of their travels. He’s not very talkative, and can come off as a little mysterious, but here’s a peek into his character…

1) What does your character fear the most?

Being powerless/helpless.

2) How would they handle it if they were to face their fear?

Probably not very well, actually. While Silas has tried very hard not to have many human attachments, there are a few people he’d fight to the death for, and if he was powerless to defend them, he’d never forgive himself. Without the strength and skills he relies on, Silas would likely react with anger or bitterness.

3) Do they want to get married? Why or why not?

Not particularly, mostly because of his dangerous occupation as a bounty hunter. Even though he knows his mentor had a successful marriage until she lost her husband, Silas believes he’s made too many enemies to be able to have a successful relationship. Besides, with all of the traveling he does, it makes it hard for him to be attached to anyone.

4) What is their love language (i.e. words of affirmation, physical touch, gifts, quality time, acts of service)?

It’s hard to say, but either acts of service or words of affirmation. I say acts of service because Silas is a practical-minded person, and he’s often the one looking out for others, so having someone do something to “look out” for him would mean a lot to him. Words of affirmation is also an option, since when he was younger, Silas generally responded well to praise from people he valued. Nowadays, even when someone does show love towards him, he rarely responds at all.

5) On a scale from 1 (messy) to 5 (organized), how do they rate?

Definitely a 4. Being on the road a lot means he has to keep track of his stuff, so Silas is generally organized. He can get messier if he’s in one place for a long time, but usually not to any serious degree.

6) How do they feel about debates/disagreements?

Silas tries not to cause trouble when he can help it. That being said, if he’s having a conversation with someone and they have a disagreement, he’ll usually fight to the bitter end to defend his point of view.

7) What do they bring to a battle (figurative or literal)?

Silas is skilled with a number of different weapons, so what he’d bring depends on the kind of battle. He typically relies on his staff (which collapses into a baton when not in use), a set of daggers, and hand-to-hand combat. He’s also proficient with a sword and bow, but he doesn’t use them as often.

8) What’s their favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

Eggs. When he’s traveling for his job, they’re one of the easiest foods to acquire (or steal – look, I never said he had the best morals), and it’s one of the few things he can cook well.

9) How do they treat themself after a long day?

Usually by going to sleep if he can. Since he’s used to pulling late nights and all-nighters though, sometimes he’ll hunt or read.

10) What do you most want readers to glean from this story?

I’m still working on this story in some ways, so I’m not entirely sure what I want readers to glean from it yet. Right now, as I’m working on the re-structuring the story, I have some ideas dealing with hope, redemption, courage, etc. in the back of my mind. Still, I won’t really know what I’m writing about until I start writing it and see what the story is trying to say on its own.

Fellow writers, do you think you’ll try out this newer linkup? How are your writing projects going? What are your characters’ biggest fears? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


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