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I Love Several Songs (Music Tag)

As you probably know already, I love music (like, a lot). I’ve written about it in the past, everything from my favorite music videos to analyzing specific songs like a nerd (but I embrace it). Naturally, I never pass up an opportunity to talk about music, and so this week, I’m participating in the Music Tag! No one actually tagged me to participate in this, but I found it on Wanderer’s Pen and decided it would be fun to just chat about music for a bit. Without further ado, on to the questions!

1) Do you like listening to music?

Yes! Very much so. I have over 1000 songs downloaded to my phone, so… yeah. There’s that.

2) What song are you listening in this moment?

I’ve been really into Red lately, for some reason.

3) What is your favorite kind of music?

I listen to a lot of different genres, by my go-to is rock or hardcore music. Sometimes with screaming, sometimes not. I like some punkish stuff too, and “lighter” bands like Anberlin as well. I also listen to video game soundtracks (usually on loop) for when I’m writing or working.

4) What is your favorite song?

It’s changed over time, but at the moment, I still really love “Dead Man” by Wolves At The Gate. “Oblivion” by Fit For A King is coming in at a close second lately.

5) What is your favorite instrument?

I don’t play any, so I feel weird saying I have one? I guess I’m always kinda fascinated with bass guitar and piano though, especially with how they’re used in my favorite musical genres.

6) Would you like playing an instrument?

I have less musical ability than a goldfish. But it would be nice to actually have some skills.

7) What kind of radio do you prefer to listen?

I don’t actually listen to the radio very much. If I do, I stream RadioU on my phone or laptop.

8) What kind of apps or PC programs do you use for listening to music?

Other than streaming radio, I mostly keep all of my music downloaded to my phone. Sometimes, if I’m testing out a new artist or album, I’ll stream it on Spotify or YouTube before buying it.

9) Do you like creating music? Which software do you use for music creation?

As I said, I don’t really have any musical ability, so I don’t create my own music.  My brother is much more musically skilled than I am though, and he has a Soundcloud where he posts stuff, and it’s pretty great.

10) Are there songs that make you think to precise people you know?

Kind of? Certain songs are very heavily attached to memories, and I often think of the people in those memories. For example, “Shut Up And Dance” by Walk The Moon reminds me of my friends from high school, because it was a song that played at our senior prom. “Homemade Valentine” by Children 18:3 reminds me of the friend who introduced me to that song, and anything by Boston reminds me of my dad.

11) Are there songs that make you think to a color?

Usually not – if I think of a color, it’s probably the predominant color from the album art. As an example, anything from Anberlin’s album Never Take Friendship Personal has a pale blue association because that’s one of the colors in the art. Also, anything by Eleventyseven has neon colors, especially pink.

12) Are there songs that cause in you particular emotion?

Definitely, but not necessarily in a way I can explain. I’ve actually started creating playlists based around certain emotions or moods – the “Grilled Cheese” playlist consists of songs that are comforting (grilled cheese sandwiches are my comfort food, hence the name). The “Smile Please” playlist are songs that make me happy, though they might not necessarily be happy-sounding songs.

13) Think of two kind of music you don’t like. Why you don’t like them?

I really, really try hard not to be judgmental of other styles of music, especially since my favorite genres are endlessly criticized. That being said, I have a hard time enjoying country music, mostly because it’s slow and the subject matter doesn’t really speak to me. I also don’t really enjoy contemporary Christian music, since it all sounds the same to me (with some exceptions).

14) What would be the OST (Original Sound Track) of your life?

In no particular order, some songs that have meant a lot to me and would need to be on this list:

  • “Those Nights” – Skillet
  • “Invisible” – Disciple
  • “Impossible” – Lacey Sturm
  • “New Horizons” – Flyleaf
  • “Live It Well” – Memphis May Fire
  • “Meaningless Names” – Phinehas
  • “Stronger” – Spoken
  • “Radical” – Disciple
  • “When Everything Means Nothing” – Fit For A King

I won’t specifically nominate anyone since I wasn’t nominated myself, but please feel free to participate if this seems interesting to you! And let me know if you do – I’d love to hear about your favorite music as well!

What songs would be on your OST? Do you associate particular songs with colors or memories? Do you create your own music? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


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