The Get to know me tag: Writer's Edition

The Get To Know Me Tag (Writer’s Edition)

If you’ve ever wanted to know all of my deep dark writing-related secrets, now’s your chance! I’m participating in Savannah’s “Get to Know Me” tag for writers today and sharing some random facts about me and my writing. Like last week’s tag, I wasn’t specifically tagged by anyone, but I found this through Melissa’s blog, Quill Pen Writer, so a special shout out to her!

Also like last week, since I wasn’t tagged, I won’t be tagging anyone specifically, but I’d love it if you participated! If you’re interested, the rules are:

1) Link back to the person who created the tag
2) Thank the person who tagged you
3) Share the tag graphic
4) Tag eleven bloggers

Without further ado, on to the questions!

Vital Stats And Appearance

Name: Maggie Shive

Nicknames: Mags, or “you over there”

Birthday: May 5

Hair color and length: short (depending on how long it’s been since I cut it) and brown.

Eye color: bluish-grayish

Braces/piercings/tattoos: Earlobe piercings, never had braces, too noncommittal to get tattoos

Righty or lefty: Righty.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

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First novel written: I don’t remember the name, but I wrote a sort of modern fantasy story about three siblings who got these magic powers and had to save their hometown from an evil guy. Very basic, but hey, it got me into writing.

First novel completed: Hard to say, because I started a lot of projects, but they never quite reached their conclusion. The oldest completed project I can think of is a story I wrote in middle school, which was about 11,000 words (hardly a novel). If I remember right, it was about a shy girl moving to a new town, and then there were spies maybe? It was a mess.

Award for writing: Other than my certificate for winning NaNoWriMo, I can’t say I’ve actually won any writing awards.

First publication: Nothing major, but I did have a short story and a blackout poem published in my college’s literary magazine!

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Conference: Nothing to speak of, but I did go to a local authors panel at the public library once.

Query/Pitch: None right now, but hopefully I’ll have some in the future!


Novel (that you wrote): Technically, it’s not a novel, but I am particularly attached to my novella Summertime.

Genre: Fantasy or contemporary (I don’t actually read much contemporary, however)

Author: Too many to pick just one! Leigh Bardugo, Marissa Meyer, Elizabeth Wein, Rick Riordan, V.E. Schwab, Marie Lu, and the list goes on and on…

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Writing music: Usually nothing, but sometimes I’ll listen to video game soundtracks depending on my mood (or if I need to block out my surroundings)

Time to write: Afternoons or evenings

Writing snack/drink: Goldfish crackers if they’re available… otherwise, something crunchy and not messy

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Movie: I’m not even sure it’s my favorite, but Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is a weird movie that holds a special place in my heart.

Writing memory: Completing my first year (and story) with Role-Play Writing club in high school. It was a collaborative story we wrote over the school year, and the group of writers I met through it were fantastic.

Childhood book: Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery


Reading: The Odyssey for my YA Lit class (we’re gonna be reading The Lightning Thief soon!)

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Writing: a rough plan to revise my NaNoWriMo 2017 novel, plus some other random scenes and stories as they arise

Listening to: Dark Skies by Fit For A King, Disease by Beartooth, and lots of Wolves At The Gate

Watching: the newest season of Doctor Who (I LOVE JODIE WHITTAKER SO MUCH)

Learning: How to give myself a break without feeling guilty.


Want to be published: That’s the dream!

Indie or traditional: I think it depends on what story/piece I want to pursue publication for. I’m leaning towards indie publication, but that could all change depending on what I need in the future.

Wildest goal: To be able to live off of my writing (hey, it says “wildest”!)

Fellow writers, what are your wildest goals? What’s your favorite thing that you’ve written? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to get to know you too!

Until next time!

the get to know me tag writer's edition

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