The Great TBR Purge of 2019: Part 1

The Great TBR Purge of 2019 – Part 1

Two years ago, I took a look at my “To-be-read” (TBR) list on GoodReads and decided it needed some cleaning up. I picked out a handful of books from the list (well, a little more than that, since I split it into two posts) and decided to give them another look. Of those 14 books, only 5 survived the purge, and I ended up reading 3 of those 5 shortly after.

I looked at my TBR list again this year, and realized it might be time for another purge. There’s a lot of books still on there that I added nearly 6 (!) years ago, and I’m different person now than I was when I was 14-15.

Without further ado, The Great TBR Purge of 2019 (Part 1, because I have a lot of books to cover this time)

1) The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

1Why is it on my TBR? I read another book by Smith in 2014, and apparently I liked it enough to want to read more of her books. (Honestly, I don’t remember a single thing from the other book now)

Why haven’t I read it yet? Unlike some genres, I need to be in the right mood to read a sappy romance novel, and either it never happened again or this book was never available.

Will it survive? No. Maybe I’m a cynic, but I think I’m past the point where I can read YA romance without rolling my eyes every other sentence.

2) Airborn by Kenneth Oppel

Why is it on my TBR? I think this is a remnant of my steampunk phase (I was really into Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan trilogy and wanted more airships).

Why haven’t I read it yet? I don’t think I’ve ever seen this book in the wild – not a library, bookstore, even a yard sale. Maybe it doesn’t actually exist?

Will it survive? Yes. I will hunt this down and read it, because the blurb promises a “swashbuckling adventure” and I am 100% here for sky pirates.

3) Boneshaker by Cherie Priest

Why is it on my TBR? This one I DEFINITELY know – my high school English teacher (and book club advisor) suggested this to me when I told her I wanted to read more steampunk (there it is again).

Why haven’t I read it yet? When I’ve seen it at the library or elsewhere, my hands are usually already full of books, and it ends up being lowest on my priority list.

Will it survive? Yes. I’m kinda on the fence about it, but people seem to think it’s a good book. Plus, it’s steampunk-y with some zombies and gold rush thrown in there for good measure, which is an odd, if not intriguing, combination.

4) Seek by Paul Fleischman

4Why is it on my TBR? I think I saw this at the library once, picked it up, then put it down to save it for another day.

Why haven’t I read it yet? It’s a tiny little thing, so I don’t think I ever would’ve found it again if I wasn’t intentionally looking for it.

Will it survive? Yes. I have a weird fascination stories where audio plays a major role (see: me binging through the 2016 TV show remake of Frequency in like 2 weeks). While this doesn’t sound like it has any time-traveling radios, I’m interested in how this story unravels with the audio component too.

5) Moriarty – Anthony Horowitz

Why is it on my TBR? I’ve read Horowitz’s Alex Rider series (hello, spy thriller phase), and when this showed up on my feed somewhere, I was interested in reading his take on the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Why haven’t I read it yet? Another book I’ve never seen in the wild; but more than that, I think I added it and then immediately forgot it existed.

Will it survive? No. The older I get, the less I actually liked the Alex Rider series and Horowitz’s overall writing style. Perhaps this is different, but I don’t think I care enough anymore to seek this out.

6) Un Lun Dun – China Mieville

Why is it on my TBR? I think someone recommended this to me a while back, and I added it because I trusted their judgment.

Why haven’t I read it yet? I never looked into it more than it being recommended to me, and it never caught my eye if/when I saw it in the wild.

Will it survive? No. The blurb ranks too high on the “trippy” spectrum for me, and I’m not too thrilled about prophecies and chosen ones.

7) Lemonade Mouth – Mark Peter Hughes


Why is it on my TBR? I saw it somewhere and added it because the name sounded familiar – probably because they turned it into a Disney Channel movie that I never watched.

Why haven’t I read it yet? My judgmental self was skeptical of the fact that it had been adapted into a lowest-common-denominator TV movie. (Which was probably wrong, but that’s the past).

Will it survive? Yes. I’m a sucker for band stories, even if they look a little cheesy. I also like the way the blurb is written as if this is the “definitive history” of a famous band.

8) Galgorithm – Aaron Karo

Why is it on my TBR? It was one of the rare YA romances that actually seemed to have an interesting concept at the time.

Why haven’t I read it yet? I never cared enough to pick it up at the store or library.

Will it survive? No. I really don’t want to read about a bitter boy who creates a love formula because he feels entitled to the girl who broke his heart or whatever. Maybe that’s not what it’s about, but it sure seems like it.

9) Alice in Tumblr-Land – Tim Manley

9Why is it on my TBR? I saw someone else I knew had added it to their list, and I love unique fairytale retellings.

Why haven’t I read it yet? This was one I was hoping I wouldn’t have to purchase, since I wasn’t sure about reading it, but I never found it at a library.

Will it survive? No. I was on the fence, but after reading some reviews, it seems like this book gets its humor from crudeness rather than cleverness. No thanks.

Have you cleaned out your TBR list lately? What helps you decide whether or not to read a book? And be sure to come back next week for Part 2!

Until next time!

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