The Great TBR Purge of 2019: Part 2

The Great TBR Purge of 2019 – Part 2

It’s interesting to see how my reading tastes have changed over the years. There have been times when it felt like I was reading the same books and genres over and over again, but as I look back on the books I added to my TBR when I was in middle school and high school, I can see the difference time has had.

Continuing with last week, I’m rounding out my TBR purge with nine more books. Who will survive, and who gets cut? Make sure you’re all caught up on Part 1, then read on for more!

10) Young Man with Camera by Emil Sher

10Why is it on my TBR? I saw this at my local library, and I was just getting into photography myself at the time.

Why haven’t I read it yet? I encountered this shortly before I began college, so I didn’t have immediate access to my home library, and I couldn’t get it at my campus library.

Will it survive? Yes. The plotline does seem a bit generic, but I’m still interested in seeing how images are used as a vehicle for storytelling. I also like the small aspect of mystery the blurb seems to be hinting at.

11) Zombies vs. Unicorns by Holly Black

Why is it on my TBR? I saw it at the bookstore, and I really like unicorns.

Why haven’t I read it yet? I didn’t have the money to buy it at the time, and I wasn’t very familiar with most of the authors (still not, actually).

Will it survive? No. While I still like unicorns, I’m kinda over the whole zombie thing. There are still some ways it can be done creatively (see: Boneshaker), but it seems more like a bad joke these days.

12) The Zodiac Legacy: Convergence by Stan Lee

Why is it on my TBR? Stan Lee’s name caught my attention at the library, and I was willing to give it a shot.

Why haven’t I read it yet? The library I found this at is out of the way, and I never really remembered to look for it.

Will it survive? Yes. I’m still skeptical because I can see how quickly this could go wrong, but I’m interested to see how the author(s) use the Chinese Zodiac, since I’m not very familiar with it.

13) The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey13

Why is it on my TBR? It has a pretty cover (I think someone mentioned it to me when I wrote my post on book covers)

Why haven’t I read it yet? I never put in the effort to go looking for it.

Will it survive? No. This was a hard decision to make, because it is a beautiful design, and I like urban fantasy type things, but the blurb makes it seem like it’s trying too hard. Some people I know gave it glowing reviews, so if I see it, I may pick it up, but I won’t be seeking it out.

14) Sidekicks by Jack D. Ferraiolo

Why is it on my TBR? Somewhere a long time ago, I encountered this in a library and the jacket blurb interested me enough (maybe I was just desperate for superhero stories at the time)

Why haven’t I read it yet? This is gonna sound really judgmental, but the cover art some of the language in the blurb sounded really juvenile? I felt like I couldn’t read this in public and still maintain the last shreds of my dignity.

Will it survive? No. Marissa Meyer’s Renegades has pretty much ruined me for other superhero stories, sorry. I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed by anything that doesn’t measure up to that book.

15) Con Academy by Joe Schreiber

Why is it on my TBR? I heard about it from a friend, and I was in White Collar withdrawal (I’m still in White Collar withdrawal, if I’m being honest).

Why haven’t I read it yet? It was more of a passing idea – if I saw it, I might read it. Surprise, I never saw it anywhere.

Will it survive? No. I ended up finding another heist story to fill the void in my soul (Six of Crows), and this book looks rather cheesy and predictable.

16) Red Rising by Pierce Brown

15Why is it on my TBR? This was one of the big YA dystopian series a while back, and it seemed like a lot of people had read it and liked it.

Why haven’t I read it yet? I reached my limit of dystopian stories around 2015/2016ish, and I still haven’t really gotten back into it.

Will it survive? No. I looked at some reviews that my friends with similar writing tastes wrote, and they don’t seem to be huge fans. I’m gonna pass on this one. I also think castes based on colors has been done before.

17) 172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad

Why is it on my TBR? I saw a few of the people I follow had reviewed it, and it seemed interesting enough to warrant a second glance.

Why haven’t I read it yet? I really need to read more science fiction-y stuff, but I just can’t seem to make myself do it for some reason. I’m always so skeptical.

Will it survive? Yes. The reviews I read basically add up to “MIND BLOWN,” and even though the blurb seems a little generic, it’s short enough that I have a feeling it isn’t telling me everything.

18) White Night by Ellie Marney17

Why is it on my TBR? I follow C.G. Drews – a.k.a. Paper Fury – on GoodReads, and she reviewed this book. And I’m weirdly fascinated by cultish drama.

Why haven’t I read it yet? I will probably have to buy it, and I’m really trying to do a better job of not spending money. (In fairness, it hasn’t been on my list absurdly long.)

Will it survive? Yes. A “secretive off-the-grid community” that might not be all it seems? Sign me up, I’m here to read about vaguely suspicious communities.

What helps you decide whether or not to read a book? Do you read a lot of reviews, or do you go with your instincts? What have you added to/removed from your TBR lately? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!

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