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The ABCs of Percy Jackson & The Olympians

Look, I didn’t want to be a blogger… alright who am I kidding, of course I did. But if you’ve ever read the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series by Rick Riordan, that opening line might look familiar.

I recently re-read The Lightning Thief, the first book in the series, and I just saw the musical adaptation of the novel (which you should definitely check out if you have the chance), so I figured now was a good time to present to you the alphabet, according to the Percy Jackson series.

A is for Ambrosia

Ambrosia, along with nectar, is the “food of the gods” – but demigods can also eat it, and it allows them to heal faster. Too much though, and it’ll burn them up from the inside out. So be careful!

B is for Big Three

The three most powerful of the Greek gods: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. They’re often referred to as the big three, and their children are among the most powerful demigods.


C is for Camp

Camp Half-Blood, located on Long Island, is a summer camp where Greek demigods can receive training to survive the real world.

D is for Drachma

Drachmas were the currency of ancient Greece, but they’re still used by demigods for… non-mortal transactions. They come in handy for sending Iris messages over long distances.

E is for Empire State Building

Not only is it one of the tallest buildings in New York City, but it’s also home to Mount Olympus! Take the elevator to the 600th floor, and you’ll find yourself in a place that is definitely not Manhattan.

F is for Fatal Flaw

A demigod’s fatal flaw is their biggest weakness, often a mental one. For example, Percy is excessively loyal and his friend Annabeth is prideful. Other flaws include grudges, ambition, and short temper.

G is for Gods

Rather self-explanatory. In the world of Percy Jackson & The Olympians, the gods command the events of the world. There’s a lot of them, and they don’t always get along, but you might be surprised at how helpful they can be sometimes.


H is for Half-Blood

Half-Bloods, also known as demigods, are the children of a god and a human being. Being a mix of both god and mortal, often puts them in danger, but sometimes it’s useful.

I is for Invisibility Cap

Annabeth’s signature magical item is a Yankees baseball cap that allows her to turn invisible. It was a birthday gift from her mother, Athena, and it comes in handy throughout the series.

J is for Jackson

Yes, it’s Percy’s surname, but it’s also his mom Sally’s. Even after marrying Percy’s stepdad, Gabe, Sally chooses to keep her maiden name. It’s a small act of defiance in a tense relationship (Good news: Gabe is out of the picture rather quickly).

K is for Kronos

Kronos is the king of the Titans, bent on taking his power back from Zeus and the other gods. Unfortunately for him his body was cut into a gazillion pieces – but with every demigod that takes his side, he starts to come back together.

L is for Labyrinth

Percy and Annabeth stumble upon this underground maze when playing a game of capture the flag, and sealing its entrance into Camp Half-Blood becomes top priority.

M is for Monsters

Monsters are able to sense a half-blood by their smell, which is why most demigods spend their summers training to fight back.

PJO 3N is for Necklace

At the end of every summer at Camp Half-Blood, the campers receive a bead that represents the summer. Most half-bloods wear these beads on necklaces, and some have amassed an impressive collection – Annabeth has the most of any main character, with nine beads total.

O is for Oracle

The Oracle gives prophecies full of riddles and double meanings, so their true meanings are usually unclear until after the events take place.


P is for Pegasus

Pegasi are winged horses, and most demigods learn how to ride them during their time at Camp Half-Blood. Thanks to Percy’s ability to communicate with horses (“thanks dad”), he befriends many pegasi.

Q is for Quest

Some lucky (or unlucky) campers may receive a quest that takes them outside the confines of Camp Half-Blood. Not long after arriving, Percy receives his first quest to find and return Zeus’s missing lightning bolt.

R is for Riptide

Riptide, also known as Anaklusmos, is Percy’s sword. It can transform into a normal ballpoint pen, and if Percy ever loses it, it’ll return to his pocket after a few minutes.

S is for Satyr

The satyrs are half human, half goat creatures. Many of them work as searchers, seeking out demigods and bringing them to the safety of Camp Half-Blood. Percy’s best friend, Grover, turns out to be a satyr who was sent to look out for him.

T is for Titans

The titans are the beings that ruled before the gods took over. They’re pretty bitter about it, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re the main antagonists of the series.

U is for Underworld

In Greek mythology, the Underworld is the place people go when they die. It’s supposedly off limits to the living… at least until Percy and his friends make a habit of visiting Hades’ kingdom every other novel.

V is for Volcano

During the events of The Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy maybe kinda purposely explodes Mount Saint Helens, an active volcano. Oops.

W is for Water

Water is pretty important to the Percy Jackson series, since Percy has the ability to manipulate it, thanks to his father. There are also a lot of rivers that show up, especially in the Underworld.


X is for eXpelled

Percy has been expelled from every school he’s ever attended. He’s seen as a “troublemaker” because of his dyslexia and ADHD, until he later learns that these are actually traits of a demigod.

Y is for Young


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the main characters of these books are children and teens. It’s pretty impressive to see these young characters doing such incredible things!

Z is for Zebra

When searching for the missing lightning bolt, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover hitch a ride in a “Kindness International” truck, which turns out to smuggle animals, including one rather disgruntled zebra. While riding in the truck, Percy and Annabeth have their first honest conversation, and agree to be friends despite the disagreements between their godly parents.

Have you read these books? Do you have a favorite character? What other “alphabet” posts would you like to see? I’d love to chat with you in the comments!

Until next time!

5 thoughts on “The ABCs of Percy Jackson & The Olympians

  1. Haha, great post! I like your creativity with Xpelled. 😉 You definitely got the essentials down here. I really enjoyed these books (particularly the first two) and I think I have to go with Percy as my favorite character. In the Heroes of Olympus I liked Leo. 🙂

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