Bullet Journaling: Third Time's The Charm

Bullet Journaling: Third Time’s The Charm

Every year, I think “I won’t do another bullet journaling post” and then I do anyway.

If you’re not familiar with the term, bullet journaling is a style of organization system that combines planners, to-do lists, and ideas in an often creative and artistic way. Everyone had different style of journaling – my own journal has gone through different iterations since I started doing it in 2016.

With the start of a new year, I bought a brand-new journal and started fresh. Now that I have a couple months under my belt, I thought it’d be nice to share what I’ve changed and how my journal has grown since last year.

(But hey, if you missed my 2017 and 2018 posts, be sure to read those first!)

My Journal

I switched to a new kind of journal this year. Last year, I had a Moleskine notebook with grid paper, but this year, I switched to the Leuchtturm 1917. The biggest changes were the size and the paper. My Moleskine notebook was about the size of a typical composition notebook, so I had a lot more space to work with. My Leuchtturm is about half that size. I was also hesitant about using dots instead of grids at first, but the dots have grown on me now. I also like having the extra bookmark and the page numbers in the Leuchtturm.

a gray journaling notebook on a purple background

You can buy the “official” bullet journal version of the Leuchtturm, but it’s about $5 USD more expensive, and I found it hard to justify the extra cost. The normal Leuchtturm 1917 had the features I was looking for (table of contents built in, page numbers, and extra bookmarks), so it works just as well as the “official” bullet journal.

My Supplies

I’m still using the Uniball Jetstream and Stabilo Point 88 pens as before. Sometimes when I need a different type of pen for line art, I use Pigma Micron pens or my brush pen (don’t know what brand it is, the label’s in another language). I’ve also started outlining my pages in pencil beforehand, and I’m not too picky with those materials, but I like using HB drawing pencils and a good plastic eraser for getting rid of the lines after inking them.

This year, I ditched the colored pencils in favor of these Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens. These had actually been a gift to me many years ago when I was really into drawing, but I never used them for much. I like them for their bright colors, and they don’t bleed through the paper either – sometimes a little show-through, but that’s to be expected.

A pile of markers in a variety of colors

I also started using a little bit of washi tape with my journal! I’ve been using it on my monthly spreads as a way of marking those more clearly, but I love the way it makes the edges of the pages stand out more too.

thin rolls of solid-colored tape in a variety of colors

My Pages

If I had to summarize what I wanted to do with my journal this year, it’s “simplify.” When I first started, I made pages for just about everything under the sun. Now that I’ve experimented and found what I really like, I’m simplifying my journal to include what’s really important to me.

Opening Page

I’m trying to include more of my favorite quotes within my journal, and I really like how this page turned out.

BuJo 3.5

Calendar & Birthdays

I have a thing about color-coding stuff, so you’ll probably notice on this page that each month has a specific color I picked out for it. This also carries over to the individual spreads for each month.

BuJo 3.6

Goals & Year In Pixels

My goals are also color-coded (that’ll come up again when I get to the habit tracker). As for the habit tracker, I tried to do a lot more with it last year, and that ended up being overwhelming and confusing. I decided to go back to what had worked before – just five colors.

BuJo 3.7

Movies & Books of 2019

These pages are mostly the same as in previous years. The only changes I made were writing movies on the list as I watched them (i.e. not writing movies that I wanted to watch), and adding spaces between the books on my “shelves” to denote how many I read each month.

BuJo 3.8

Monthly Spreads

Some of this is the same, but I added a lot more to it. I open each month with a page for goals, things I’m looking forward to, a mini calendar, and a quote to encourage me. The next page is reserved for memories, which I fill in at the end of the month. After that comes the daily gratitude and habit tracker pages, which are pretty much unchanged from the past. You might notice though that my habit tracker is more simplified with its colors – they correspond with the goal categories I set for myself this year.

TV Show Spreads

I used to keep one or two pages as a whole TV tracker spread, but I decided to do something more creative this year. (This is also because I didn’t always leave myself enough room to add on seasons of a show that is ongoing, so I decided to give each show its own page).

Camp NaNoWriMo Trackers

I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this April, so I made some trackers I can use to… keep track of my progress. The graph is nothing new, but I really like the “Favorite Line of the Day” page – not every day is a good writing day, but I think it’ll be fun to look back at the things I wrote that I liked.

BuJo 3.12

Do you bullet journal? What tools do you use, or what sorts of pages do you have? Let me know in the comments! I love seeing how creative everyone’s journals are.

Until next time!

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