The Language of Worlds Linkup #7

To make a long story short, I was on a student leadership retreat last weekend fighting mosquitos, so I didn’t have a chance to write a blog post as usual. Instead, I’m participating in the Language of Worlds linkup, hosted by Liv K. Fisher.

If you’re unfamiliar with the linkup (since I’ve only done it once before), Liv posts 10 questions every two months for bloggers to answer about their writing projects, characters, or writing life in general. It’s a lot of fun, and I’m excited to participate again and talk about my fantasy work in progress, codenamed “Quest.”

1) How long have you been writing this story?

I’ve been working on this project since June 2017, though I didn’t start actually writing it until October 2017. And even then, I completely scrapped that draft, so… take from that what you will.

2) Who’s your favorite character? Why?

Listen, this is like asking a parent who their favorite child is. I mean obviously there IS an answer, but it’s hardly a fair question to begin with. Anyway the answer is Silas. Unfortunately, the grumpy bounty hunter is very fun to write, so I have a tendency to favor him over the others sometimes (apologies to my other children). Silas is also one of the most developed characters on my cast, and I get to write a lot of cynical dialogue with him, so he has a lot going for him.

But here are all of my children:

3) Which character do you consider the “goodest of the good”?

I was going to say Adrien, but really, it’s not. It’s Miriam. I can’t say too much about her background, but she’s kind, compassionate, and forgiving. She hardly ever says a harsh word to anybody (unless it’s absolutely necessary), and she always puts others first. She does have flaws, of course, but she is by far the “goodest” of all of my characters.

4) Which character is the “baddest of the bad”?

Barring my antagonist, who would certainly take the cake for this one, I would have to say the “baddest of the bad” isn’t actually a single person, but a group of people. The Iron Circle is an organization (or gang, if you will) that deals in human trafficking. Their main trade is capturing Mages and selling them as gladiators in Solistan, where Mages are forced to fight for entertainment. They’ve also killed a lot of people, particularly two bounty hunters who attempted to take them down twice.

5) If you were to have tea (or coffee!) with one character, which one would you pick? Why?

I’d love to have tea with Myrina (although she’s probably more of a coffee person). She’s the kind of person I would like to be friends with, and I think she would have a lot of interesting stories to tell about her service in the military. Of all of my characters in this project, I feel like our personalities align the most, so I’m sure we would have a lot in common too.

6) Describe your storyworld.

I like to think of it as Avatar: The Last Airbender + Breath of the Wild, but with more magic, though I’m not sure that’s very helpful. There are six countries: Reystrell, Lamori, Tenoche, Solistan, Iaynia, and Maren Island. The geography varies by region – Lamori is situation in the northern mountains, Solistain is mostly desert and arid regions, Tenoche is dense with forests, and Iaynia sticks out into the ocean. Magic exists everywhere, though each country has different laws and beliefs about it. There are also dragons if you look carefully!


7) You’ve fallen into your book! Which place would you be happiest at?

Of all the countries in my world, I think Tenoche would be the most exciting to visit. It’s in a sort of renaissance period, with a lot of things being invented, discovered, and explored. They’re definitely the most technologically advanced country, and the cities there are very much alive. Plus, their capital city has the largest library in the (known) world, so of course I’d love to be there.

8) Which place would you like to avoid at all costs? (Or, explore to know its secrets a little bit better?)

While all of my countries have some ethical dilemmas they need to work out, the one country I’d like to avoid entirely is Iaynia. They have a corrupt government, and they tend to view Mages the most harshly out of any other place in my world. The quality of life there is pretty poor, so even though there are some beautiful seaside towns, I’d rather stay away.

9) Share an aesthetic!

10) Share a snippet!

It wasn’t long before trouble found them.

Myrina drew her sword from her belt, rearing her horse towards one of the thieves. Highwaymen, by the looks of them – their faces were hidden, and their weapons were unconventional for the area (a scimitar and a crossbow). “Get back, Adrien!” She snapped, charging towards the rider with the curved sword.

Adrien ducked as a crossbow bolt whizzed over his head, and he snapped the reigns. This was no time to be a hero, he thought. It was time to run.

But there was nowhere to run. They were traveling through a forest, and though the road ahead was clear, it would be easy for their attackers to catch up. No, his best bet was to hide, go where a horse couldn’t follow.

Adrien slowed his horse to a trot and dismounted ungracefully, tumbling into the dirt as his horse continued down the road. Not bothering to get up, he scrambled towards the underbrush, hoping the shrubs would hide his escape. As far as he could tell, no one had noticed his disappearance, but what if-

There was a scream, and Adrien poked his head out to see what had happened.

Myrina was clinging to her reigns with one hand, the other hand pressing to her thigh. There was blood seeping out between her fingers. She’d dropper her sword at some point.

Adrien started to rise – he should help, he couldn’t just hide like this, not when Myrina was injured and-

A shout and a loud thud as one of the attackers was knocked off of his horse and onto the ground. Silas had appeared next to Myrina, wielding a long staff made of some sort of metal – it glinted in the sunlight like a sword, but from what Adrien could tell, it was a blunt weapon. As the fallen attacker attempted to stand again, Silas swung his staff down, striking the man in the head and knocking him unconscious.

Did you participate in the Language of Worlds linkup this month? Who’s your favorite character from your writing project? I’d love to hear more about it, so let’s chat in the comments!

Until next time!

The Language of Worlds linkup

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  1. I think you’ve got me hooked, Maggie – not to join such a project and write a book but to read yours! Course if it’s YA I might not qualify to read it anyway since I’m certainly not “Y”.

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