September 2019 – Month In Review

Happy October! It’s supposed to be autumn here but we had two days that were 90 degrees Fahrenheit (about 32 Celsius) which is definitely not normal for central Pennsylvania. Please give me colder weather and apple cider (which is the SUPERIOR fall beverage). I want to wear my sweatshirt.

School started this month (more on that in a minute) and it was a bit of a struggle to get into the swing of things this year. Because of that, I wrote a grand total of one blog post this month. But it’s a good one! It’s about books: Making the Most of Required Reading

On a related note: I’ve decided to revisit how and when I post things on my blog, and you can find all the details here: Blogkeeping: New Schedule!

And finally, you can check out my 1 Second Everyday Compilation for September!

Read on for the rest of the month!

Classes started on September 3 at our school, so most of my life has revolved around that. I’m taking five classes this semester: Fantasy Writing, Senior Writing Seminar, Medieval and Renaissance Narrative Poetry, History of Political Thought, and Women and Gender in History. The first two are for my major, but the last three are just free electives. It’s been hard work, but I’ve really enjoyed these classes for the most part!

I was busy nearly every weekend in September: The first weekend I participated in the local American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Out of the Darkness walk. It was a little more last-minute this year, but it still worked out well.

The weekend after that, I went to Uprise Festival in Shippensburg for the day. Hannah and I met up there so we could see Fit For A King headline one of the stages. We even got to meet their lead vocalist, Ryan Kirby, afterwards, which was awesome. I also saw Disciple, Red, Comrades, Lacey Sturm, Project 86, and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

And finally, the weekend after that, some of my friends and I went to the Harrisburg Comic Con for the day. I finally got to use my Breath of the Wild Link cosplay, and Hannah wore her Twilight Princess Zelda that she’d been working on. I got a lot of art prints and other merch from the vendors, participated in the cosplay contest, and we all did a Stranger Things-themed escape room at the end. The biggest miracle was that I didn’t buy any more buttons for my backpack.

That’s really all of the big and notable events. In the meantime, I was…


Miraculous Ladybug season 3, or the episodes they have on American Netflix now at least. It’s an easy show to follow (since it’s written for people half my age), so I got through it pretty quick. It’s still enjoyable to watch though, and I’m excited for the second half of the season to come soon! At the end of the month I also started My Hero Academia since I could get a 3-month trial of Spotify and Hulu and clearly I needed a new anime to binge. Because I have all kinds of time for that.


Mostly for school, but I did get to read a few books for fun! I read intricacies are just cracks in the wall by Sarah Henry. I got to interview her a few weeks back about her writing process, so check that out and then go pick up her book! I also listened to The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner and read Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim. For my Medieval and Renaissance Narrative Poetry class, we read Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. I’m REALLY hoping I can do a little more fun reading this month, but we’ll have to wait and see…

Listening to…

Anime piano covers. Other than my regular playlist, I’ve enjoyed listening to YouTube user Animenz’s piano covers and medleys while working. Of course I don’t recognize every song, but I like that it’s high-energy, but also instrumental. You can check out the playlist here:

And here’s one of my favorites:

I’ve also enjoyed Comrades’s latest album, For We Are Not Yet, We Are Only Becoming, which bought at their table at Uprise.



Since I’m in two writing course this semester, I’m juggling two different projects. For Fantasy Writing, I’m drawing a lot from my Quest project – so far I’ve written a character sketch with a short scene, and a longer short story featuring one of my main characters when he was younger.

For Senior Writing Seminar, I’m working on a new and bigger project over the course of the semester. I’m outlining and writing the first draft of an alternate history (sci-fi + historical fiction) novel with the goal of writing 50,000 words by the end of the semester. It’s like a longer NaNoWriMo that I’m getting graded on. I’ve been working on the outline, so perhaps I can share some updates in the next few weeks.


Untitled Goose Game. The best $15 I’ve ever spent. Basically, you’re a goose and you run around and mildly inconvenience various townspeople by honking and stealing their belongings. You are given a task list of how to harass the humans, but it’s pretty much a sandbox. I’ve loved every minute of it so far.


Around the Internet


Lunch with my parents, my own kitchen, comfy clothes, new library books, pints of ice cream, Pop figurines, swing dance club, clean laundry, hymns, Fit For A King, mail from family and friends, naps, free meals, Blimey Cow, good classes and meetings, and new shoes.

How was your September? Are you taking any classes right now? How are you celebrating fall? What have you been reading? I’d love to chat in the comments!

Until next time!

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  1. I hardly know what to say. You’ll have to explain some things to me at dinner point. But yours is high energy living . . . exciting. Much libe from us.

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