Dear Blog: 4th Blogiversary Celebration + A Party Favor for YOU!

Read on to the end for details on a special thank-you project I’m doing in celebration of 4 years of Maggie’s Musings!

Every year, it’s time for a blogiversary post and every year, I panic because I feel like I need to one-up myself from last year and do something EPIC in celebration. And why shouldn’t I? Four years of blogging is nothing to sneeze at, if I do say so myself. The problem is that despite my writing skills, I am not the best when it comes to party planning.

But never fear! I’ve decided to write a letter to my blog, reflecting on the past four years we’ve had together. Thank goodness my blog is not a real person though, because it would probably be throwing a toddler-sized tantrum about celebrating its birthday a week late.

And be sure to stick around to the end! I’ve got a special surprise to thank all of my lovely followers for four awesome years, so keep reading!

Dear Blog,

When we first started this journey together, I was a senior in high school, preparing for my last semester before graduating and leaving home to begin my college career. Now I’m a senior in college, preparing for my last semester before I graduate and begin a new adventure. Sometimes I go back and read those posts that I published four years ago, and I cringe a little – but they show where we’ve been, and I’m excited to see where we’ll go next.

You have been my best worst idea over these past four years. In retrospect, it was poor planning on my part to create you so close to Christmastime. Your birthday always seems to get lost in the rush of the holiday season. Hopefully I didn’t hurt your feelings too much.

We’ve had our ups and downs, that’s for sure. Sometimes, inspiration strikes me like a lightning bolt and I have to write my ideas down right away. Other times, it takes every ounce of willpower I have to write a sentence. There have been times when we’ve had to spend some time apart, too, for the sake of my sanity. But you’ve always been there, waiting patiently for me to return.

And I do come back. It’s hard to stay away for too long, because once my head’s back on straight and my life is in some kind of order, the ideas start coming again, and I have to write them down. I’ll explode if I don’t. And you’re always there, ready to hear the things I have to say. You’re a great listener.

I’m at another point in my life where things are going to be changing. I don’t know what post-college life has in store for us yet. Whatever it is, I know that you’ll be with me, ready to listen to my stories.

So happy birthday, blog of mine. I’m glad you exist.


Alright, sappy nonsense out of the way, let’s get on to the PARTY. This blog has come a long way since I first started it four years ago. That’s not really because of me –it’s because I have fantastic readers who encourage me. Just in the past year, Maggie’s Musings hit a lot of milestones:

  • 313 total blog posts
  • 345 total comments
  • 13,626 views from over 100 countries

Knowing that there are people out there following my blog, reading my posts, and sharing their own thoughts in the comments is what’s really made this experience special. It means a lot to me that you have made my writing a part of your life. I’m so thankful for you!

But what’s a party without cake and party favors? I want to do something to thank all of my followers for being awesome, so grab a cupcake (or just click the link below) to fill out a quick form so I can send you a personal thank you card and a little surprise!

9 cupcakes
Click the cupcakes (or click here) to access the form and sign up to get your party favor!

The giveaway and form will close on January 11, 2020, so be sure to fill it out before then. Unfortunately, I can only send mailings to United States residents, but to any international followers, I’d love to chat with you via e-mail – just send me a message on my contact page!

Again, thank you all so much for sticking with me through thick and thin. Here’s to another awesome year!

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