20 Things to Do While Watching the Big Game (Or Any Other Sporting Event You’re Socially Obligated to Watch)

Listen, I love football. I enjoy watching it, even when I don’t necessarily care for the teams that are playing. Well, that might be a little lie. If one of my teams isn’t playing, it’s pretty easy for me to get distracted. But it’s not like I can just go without watching the Super Bowl. If I want to be socially literate, I gotta watch it.

I’m sure a lot of us are familiar with being in situations where we’re under social obligation to watch some kind of sporting event. The Olympics, the World Series, the Super Bowl… if you’re not into sports, it might not hold your attention. Lucky for you, I have a list to help you prepare for your next socially obligated sporting event!

1) Make a gift for someone

Crochet, knit, do origami… even basketweaving works if you know how to do it!

2) Clean out your e-mail inbox

We all know you’ve been procrastinating on answering that e-mail your great aunt sent you three weeks ago. Now’s the time to take care of that.

3) Write a blog post

Like this one that I’m writing right now.

4) Help fight hunger

And get smarter by answering questions on freerice.com.

5) Start a bullet journal

I’ve got some tips and inspiration if you’re feeling stuck!

6) Do a crossword puzzle

I enjoy this website for doing them online, but a cheap crossword book from the dollar store works just as well.

7) Organize your junk drawer

You know it needs to be done. I know it needs to be done. You’re not doing anything else right now, so it’s as good a time as any.

8) Play a board game

Then other people won’t complain that you’re being antisocial!

9) Clean out your purse/backpack/briefcase

Those empty gum wrappers aren’t going to dispose of themselves.

10) Write a letter or a card to a long distance friend

Nothing says “I care about you” like taking the time to handwrite a nice card or letter. Do something nice for someone you haven’t talked to in a while!

11) Get rid of junk files on your phone or computer

We all know the frustration of trying to download a new app or program and getting the message that you don’t have enough storage space. Do your future self a favor.

12) Catch up on your Duolingo lessons

Don’t disappoint Duo. He sees all.

13) Pet a cat/dog/bunny or other domesticated animal of your choice

If you don’t have one, now’s a good time to obtain one. Either go adopt a pet right now, or invite yourself over to a friend’s place and borrow their pet for the evening.

14) Watch the losing team’s subreddit explode

This is infinitely more entertaining if you don’t care about the outcome of the game

15) Catch Pokemon

Alright, maybe this one just applies to me, but trying to catch ’em all is a fun diversion.

16) Organize your planner/calendar

If you’re like me, you have classes or work the day after the Sporting Event, so now’s a good time to do some last-minute schedule checking

17) Order textbooks because you procrastinated on doing so

I’m DEFINITELY not speaking from personal experience

18) Eat

Have dinner. Make snacks. Bake cookies. Stuff yourself.

19) Write a novel

Most of these games run for about a thousand years anyway, which is plenty of time to write the next Great American Novel.

20) Make a plan for world domination

We all know you’ve been procrastinating on it. At this rate, the world can’t get any worse, so what are you waiting for?

What do you like to do when you’re forced into watching a sporting even, movie, or TV show you don’t particularly care for? Let’s chat in the comments!

Until next time!

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