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A fun fact about me: in my junior (third) year of high school, I was voted the “Best Writer” in our yearbook.

This is less impressive when you consider that it was probably less a comment on the quality of my writing and more on the fact that, as president of the creative writing club, I was just the first person people thought of when they thought of writing.

(Never mind the fact that my high school was relatively small and our yearbook was digitally created with Microsoft Publisher.)

But that aside, yearbook superlatives are fun! So today, as inspired by this post (which I learned about through Wanderer’s Pen), we’re going to discover where my characters might end up in their hypothetical high school yearbook. I decided to come up with my own list of categories, but shout out to those two blogs for giving me the inspiration!

1) Class Clown – Riley

Riley has never taken a single thing seriously in his life. Well, that might be an exaggeration, but he’s definitely made a name for himself as being someone who jokes around. Rumor has it he once covered another student’s textbooks in saran wrap as a “fun” prank…

2) Best Dressed – Chey

Chey doesn’t pay much attention to fashion trends, but she definitely puts a lot of work into her wardrobe. She has a very specific “grunge/punk rock/something” look that she’s worked hard to cultivate.

3) Most Outgoing – Rim

Being a bounty hunter doesn’t usually lead to close friendships, but Rim is one of the exceptions to the rule. She excels at building connections with others, from fellow hunters to the average civilian. She’s also laid back, making her easy to get along with.

4) Most Likely to Become President – Jared

Jared is the most organized person on this entire list and even though he has all the charisma of a bar of soap, he’s smart and would be able to get stuff done.

5) Most Likely to Sleep Through an Earthquake – Kevin

Listen, he just needs sleep, all right? He’s a tired kid and he sleeps like a rock. No more explanation needed.

6) Most Likely to Win a Nobel Prize – Adrien

Don’t ask me for specifics, because I don’t know. But knowing Adrien is a huge nerd and would much rather spend time in libraries than with people, he would probably make some major discovery that changes the course of humanity for the better. Or something along those lines.

7) Best Bromance – Jared & Riley

Aside from a few years where they rarely spoke, Riley and Jared have been close friends since they were children. With both of them being only children, each became the brother that the other had always wanted. Jared would wrinkle his nose at the term “bromance,” but I think Riley would embrace it.

8) Most Likely to Survive the Hunger Games – Silas

Silas’s entire life revolves around two things: capturing targets and not dying. He has the skills to outlast any of his opponents, and perhaps even take down one or two. He’s also one of the few people on this list who might be able to stomach murder.

9) Most Likely to Travel the World – Ezra

At least in his universe, Ezra can speak every major language, though he hasn’t been able to put that knowledge to use outside of being a royal translator. He’s fascinated by other countries and cultures though, and being able to travel one day is a dream of his.

10) Most Likely to be Late for Class – Leslie

Listen, it’s not her fault that everything in her locker was covered in saran wrap! But even if it weren’t, Leslie has a habit of losing track of time and being late for things. She grew up in a laid back household, and sometimes she forgets that other people have schedules.

11) Most Likely to Become a YouTuber – Spencer

Despite being an introvert, I think Spencer has a good personality for the internet. She would probably do something related to music, whether that be covers, reviews, or something else.

12) Most Likely to be a Billionaire – Nathaniel

Even if he hadn’t inherited his parents’ trading business, Nathaniel still has a good mind for business. He might have a disdain for keeping company with other rich nobles and merchants, but he knows how to negotiate with them and get what he wants.

13) Most Likely to Become a Supervillain – Theo

He has a tragic backstory already, so he’s halfway there. Theo’s pretty bitter about what he’s had to endure in his life, though he doesn’t really have the power to do anything about it. If he did though – look out.

14) Best Person to Share a Deserted Island With – Myrina

There are several characters on this list who would be able to survive on a deserted island, but of all of them, Myrina would be the best company. She’s also the most likely to be find a way off of the island.

If your characters – or your favorite fictional characters – were nominated for a yearbook superlative, what would it be?

Until next time!

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