My First Apartment

BIG NEWS: I have my own apartment now!

By now, I’ve lived at my new place for about two weeks, and I’ve managed to not set anything on fire or break any appliances, so all things considered I’m doing pretty great! It’s been so nice to have my own space, and now that I’m 99% settled in, I wanted to share some photos and maybe talk a little bit about it.

I have a cozy 1-bedroom apartment attached to a house, mainly above the garage. It has its own private entrance and amenities (like laundry, dishwasher, etc.), and it’s about 15 minutes from where I work. It’s pretty quiet here too, which I’m thankful for!


The last apartment I lived in was shared with four other people, so it was a little bit overwhelming to think that I had all of this cabinet space for MYSELF. There’s room for all my mugs, my tea, and plenty of snacks!

In the morning sometimes, the sun comes through the window above the sink, and it always looks so beautiful. It makes having to get up early worth it.

Also, the view out of the other kitchen window is GORGEOUS. I’m right next to a horse farm, so sometimes I can see the horses out there.

Dining Room

To be honest, I’m still working on this room a little bit. The table was a last-minute Facebook Marketplace find, and my mom insisted that I get a tablecloth to go with it. I got the wall decorations later on, but there’s still a big empty wall opposite the table that I’m not sure what to do with. I think I’ll get a tapestry eventually, but I haven’t found one I like yet.


This is really just a corner of the big living room area that I decided to make my workspace. Having both desks is especially nice for writing, because I can use my laptop at one and spread my notes out on the other.

The new addition is the drawer set on the left, which is where I keep all of my stationary and other office supplies for when I need them.

I decorated this space with a few of my miscellaneous signs and cards I’ve saved over the years. The Wonder Woman canvas painting was a gift from my friend Sarah, and it fit perfectly with everything else I had there.

Oh, and this isn’t really “office” stuff, but I put all of my little succulent plants on a bookshelf under the window. I still have a lamp there so they get a little extra light, but I’m so glad they can get more sun than they used to.

Living Room

I feel like the first thing I should point out is that my TV isn’t on the floor anymore. I finally got something to put it on over the weekend, but I took these pictures last Tuesday and I didn’t have time to take new ones.

Anyway, I ended up going with yellow/gold/gray for this room because it was something just… different, I guess. I even used some contact paper and washi tape to embellish my bookshelves! I’m not really the interior designer type, but I’m proud of how well everything came together in this room

I also have another little bookshelf where I displayed some of my Funko Pops:

And this new CD rack that I decorated with a few of my plushies:


In true Maggie fashion, everything in this room is teal. Real big shocker there. I decided to invest in a new mattress and bedframe (which are weirdly expensive?? Man, I just wanna sleep).

I also put up my poster collage in this room, since I had a lot of empty space to work with. I got some new additions too!

So… that’s pretty much all I have to say today. I’m still figuring out little things, like how to make sure everything gets cleaned when it needs to and how to organize all of my sweatshirts, but it feels like home now!

How do you make your space your own? How do you organize your workspace? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

Until next time!

4 thoughts on “My First Apartment

  1. It looks amazing!!!!! Isn’t setting up your own space that’s truly *yours* just do cathartic and breathtaking? And you get to look out your window and see HORSES??? You’re truly living the dream.
    For me, animals are what make four walls a home. A dog, a comfy couch, a candle, a notebook….that’s the good stuff.


  2. Very, very nice. So comfy looking and we love the view of the farm. And BTW, the new picture of you is terrific. – Grandpa


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