July & August 2020 | Month(s) In Review

I did many, many things these past two months. And no, I wasn’t just playing Animal Crossing all the time. It was things like service trips, dogsitting, moving, starting new jobs…

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

July and August were sort of scattered months for blogging (I mean, I did miss my July Month in Review post…), but here’s what I wrote about:


None of the same things as I was watching last time I wrote about it. I’ve given up on The Witcher for now because I just wasn’t in the mood for it.

Instead, I watched the first season of Bakuman, an anime about two high school boys who dream of becoming manga artists. I enjoyed it, especially because it talks a lot about writing and storytelling, but I’m not sure I’ll finish the other two seasons. I enjoy the story, but I don’t like how some of the characters are portrayed, so we’ll see.

I also watched the anime adaptation of Tower of God, the Webtoon I’ve spent the last few months reading. From what I’ve seen, a lot of fans didn’t like the anime, but I enjoyed it! It’s different in some ways, but I thought it did a good job of setting up for the larger conflicts and world that come later in the story. Hopefully we’ll get a season 2 soon!


Less than I thought I would to be honest. I mean, I read almost as many books in June as I did in July and August put together. But anyway.

I read Ace of Shades and Slay, two books that aren’t related except for the fact that I bought them and had been meaning to read them. Ace of Shades was disappointing. I don’t really feel like discussing it here. Slay, on the other hand, was PHENOMENAL. Not only was it an engaging story, but it also tackles a lot of important social issues with nuance. I highly recommend it!

In the realm of graphic novels and comics, I enjoyed Witchy, a fantasy graphic novel that I received in one of my OwlCrate boxes. I also read the second seasons of both Let’s Play and Tower of God, the two Webtoon series that I’m reading now. Season 2 of TOG was especially long (337 chapters!) but it was where I really got sold on the story and invested in its characters. Now it’s one of my favorites!

I re-read Spin the Dawn in preparation for its sequel, Unravel the Dusk, which was released this summer! I loved having the chance to dive back into this world and see how Maia and Edan’s stories concluded. Somehow, I managed to blow through all of Unravel the Dusk while I was preparing to move, which I think says a lot about how much I enjoyed it.

And finally, some miscellaneous reads… I listened to the audiobook of The Lost Hero for my re-read. I don’t know if I’ll be doing that again (I wasn’t a fan of the narrator). I read Incendiary, another one of my OwlCrate books, and fell in love with the world and its secrets. Lastly, I got to read Circe. I really appreciated Madeline Miller’s approach to the (re)telling of this story. And of course, we all know I’m a sucker for mythology.


Not Animal Crossing, if you can believe it… well, not as much, at least. With everything else happening, I haven’t had as much time to really dive into my island and give it the care and attention it deserves.

Instead, I’ve been playing a lot of Celeste again since buying it on my Switch. I’m almost to the end of Chapter 7 again, but I’ve been taking more time to discover secrets and collect strawberries on this playthrough. I also enjoyed the visual novel game Coffee Talk. It was short and sweet, but I was impressed by how well it told interesting stories in such a “tight” space.

Working on…

Not too many other projects, but I did complete two more custom Funko Pops! On the left we have Genya from the Shadow and Bone trilogy, and on the right is Kaz from Six of Crows (complete with cane). Once I finish the three other Six of Crows characters (Nina, Matthias, and Wylan), I plan to write a post about it like I did before, so keep an eye out for that!


Draft 3 of Project Quest! I already talked about this at length in my Camp NaNoWriMo recap, but long story short, I dove into the third draft of what I plan to make the first book of this fantasy project I’ve been working at for… several years now. I knocked out the first act during July, and I’ve been chipping away at the (very long) second act over the past few weeks. My goal is to finish the draft by the end of the year, but we’ll see how things go!


I don’t want to bore you to tears trying to recap the last two months, so I’ll do my best to go through this quickly.

Some of our family came to visit at the beginning of July! Normally, we would make a lot of big plans to go places and do things together, but with a lot of places still closed or operating under certain restrictions, we spent a lot of time just hanging out together at home. It was a nice change of pace, and I had a great time with them!

Later that month, I participated in a local service project with my church. Typically, we go on a domestic missions trip for a week, but in light of COVID, we had to adapt and do something closer to home. We had a really productive week though, and it was great to be able to do something to help someone in our own community.

Also in July: I participated in the Race to Beat POTS 5K with my friend Noelle (check out her team page!), I did some dogsitting for a family in our church, and I helped a few friends pack up to move out of their apartment at the end of the month.

To make another long story short, towards the end of July, I was offered a job back at my alma mater, which I accepted. So I spent the first two weeks of August packing up, ordering furniture, and getting ready to move to my first apartment! My parents and my brother were there to help me with it, which I am very thankful for. I can’t imagine having to put all those bookshelves together by myself!

A few days after moving in, I started my new job. August is always a busy time at the office with the start of a new school year, so I pretty much dove right into the deep end. Even so, things are going really well! It’s nice to be back “home” again and see so many familiar faces (even if they’re behind masks, haha).

And that’s it for July and August! How have you been lately? What’s one good thing that happened to you in the last two months? Let’s chat in the comments!

Until next time!

One thought on “July & August 2020 | Month(s) In Review

  1. Very busy as usual, I see. Besides going to work, how do you decide what to do first… and next… and next, out of all your very interesting interests? So many choices would paralyze me. šŸ™‚


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