September 2020 | Month In Review

It’s fall. It’s cold. It’s dark. You know the drill. But hey, at least you have my blog posts to keep you company!

I know it’s October as I write this, but here’s my September wrap up, starting with what I blogged about:


Lots of movies – I saw more movies this month that I have during any other month of the year! With my weekends free and not much to do, I would try to spend an afternoon or evening watching something I’ve been wanting to but haven’t had the time for.

I watched Onward, a Disney Pixar film that came out this year right before the world came to an end. It was fun and heartwarming, which I’ve come to expect from their movies. I also watched Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker, which was largely forgettable. I spent most of the film playing Animal Crossing, I think. And at the end of the month, I watched the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke. Not my favorite of the ones I’ve seen (Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away), but still a really enjoyable story!


8 books in September, and because it’s been so long since I read them, here’s just a quick list.

I re-read the rest of the Heroes of Olympus series:

Enjoyed a few comics:

And finally read Children of Blood and Bone, which had been on my TBR forever! It was such an amazing book, and even though I don’t think I’ll get to the sequel this year, I definitely plan to read it sometime!

Listening to…

The Path from Fit For A King, which came out in September! The album seems rather controversial among FFAK fans, but it’s quickly become my second favorite from them (it’s hard to top Dark Skies for me personally). I’ve had the CD in my car stereo ever since it arrived, and I still haven’t gotten tired of it.


I got back into Hades when the 1.0 version was released. I actually bought it for my Nintendo Switch too, but until cross-platform saves are released, I’m sticking with the save file I have on my PC.

I also bought a copy of Super Mario 3D All Stars and started playing through Mario Galaxy. When my brother and I played it together as kids, I was always the “co-star,” helping him collect resources and stun enemies, so it was nice to actually be in control this time around. Though to be honest, the game is much easier than I remember…


September was mostly a month of me getting into the rhythm of things. In other words: adjusting to my job, my apartment, and so on. I love it all though – it’s really feeling like home now!

I did do a few more exciting things in September though: I was able to see one of my friends and help her with moving, and I made some time to catch up with a few other people over Skype. August was a busy month for a lot of us, so it was nice to have that time to check in and see how everyone was doing!

And that pretty much wraps everything up from September! I know this is a shorter MIR post, and it’s much later than usual, but I did want to make sure I posted some kind of update. The October wrap-up is coming soon!

What’s your favorite part about fall? Let’s chat in the comments!

Until next time!

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