March 2021 | Month in Review

I have a confession to make: you know how I usually keep a bullet journal to remember things that I do each month? Yeah, I haven’t been so great about keeping up with that the last couple of weeks. So if I miss a couple of things in my March wrap-up, that’s why.

I also have next to no concept of time anymore, so there’s that too.

ANYWAY, March was actually a pretty great month, because it’s spring now and there’s finally some green things (I think it’s called grass?) outside and the weather has been above freezing, so I’m very pleased about that.

And in case you missed it, this month’s blog posts were about:

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Banner that says "Reading"

Title: Legendborn
Author: Tracy Deonn
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Format: Hardcover
Date Finished: March 6
Rating: 4/5

The first half of Legendborn takes its time (which is necessary), but once I got into the story did it was SO HARD to put down. It was nice to read about characters in a college setting without it focusing on relationships and romance. It reminds me of Lore (which I read in January) in that it feels like a “reclaiming” of an old legend, rather than a straight “retelling” – and I like that. Definitely recommend it!

Title: The Tea Dragon Society
Author: Katie O’Neill
Genre: Graphic novel, fantasy
Format: Hardcover (library)
Date Finished: March 12
Rating: 4/5

This was a short but very whimsical and cozy graphic novel with adorable dragons and awesome representation! It felt like it wasn’t as plot-driven as I expected, but it was a slow and soft story that made for a fun afternoon read.

Title: Banned Book Club
Author: Kim Hyun Sook
Genre: Graphic novel, memoir
Format: Paperback (library)
Date Finished: March 16
Rating: 4/5

I just LOVED the art in this book. The plot moved pretty fast and I sometimes had trouble grasping what was going on, but I was interested from start to finish.

Title: A Universe of Wishes
Editor: Dhonielle Clayton
Genre: Short stories, speculative fiction
Format: Hardcover
Date Finished: March 27
Rating: 4/5

Like any short story anthology, there are some stories that I really get into, and others that I don’t (I really enjoyed the stories by V.E. Schwab and Zoraida Córdova), but all of them were unique and interesting – I loved getting introduced to so many authors through this!

Title: Romeo and/or Juliet: A Chooseable-Path Adventure
Author: Ryan North
Genre: Humor, graphic novel
Format: Paperback (library)
Date Finished: March 28
Rating: 5/5

This book was VERY GOOD and VERY FUNNY. Sure, the humor could be a little childish at times, but I think that’s part of the fun (we ARE reading about teens with poor decision-making skills after all). I didn’t get to all the endings, but this was definitely time well spent. My favorite ending was the one where Juliet becomes a pirate!

Title: Camp Half-Blood Confidential
Author: Rick Riordan
Genre: Short stories, fantasy/mythology
Format: Hardcover
Date Finished: March 31
Rating: 4/5

This book is worth reading just for the opening chapter alone. I’m always up for returning to the world of Percy Jackson!

Banner that says "Watching"

Title: Hidden Figures
Genre: Historical
Year: 2016
Rating: 4/5

I’ve been meaning to watch this movie for FOREVER and finally was able to borrow it from the library and watch it through. I’m always interested in “untold story” movies and books (as overused as the tagline might be), so this was right up my alley.

Title: Kiki’s Delivery Service
Genre: Anime/Fantasy
Year: 1989
Rating: 4/5

This was a cute and lovely film! I don’t really know if I have much more to say aside from that, actually – the characters were great, the setting was great, the visuals were beautiful… yep, time well spent on this one.

Banner that says "Music"

I didn’t really listen to anything new this month, but I did dig out my old copy of Memento Mori, Flyleaf’s second album from 2009. Actually, I spend one weekend just listening through a bunch of old Flyleaf albums because I’m a sucker for nostalgia, I guess. Anyway, their music is just as amazing as it was 10+ years ago, in case anyone was wondering.

Banner that says "Gaming"

I finished my playthrough of the “Crimson Flower” route on Fire Emblem: Three Houses and I told myself “you’re not allowed to start playing it again until you play through some of your backlog and you’re DEFINITELY not allowed to buy any new video games”

Anyway, I played through the demo of “Project Triangle Strategy,” which is thankfully not the finalized name for this upcoming strategy RPG. The demo only covers a short section of the game, but I was impressed with what I saw so far. The characters and story are interesting, though I struggled a little bit with the gameplay (my units kept tragically dying). Still, I’m interested to see where it goes!

Banner that says "Life"

Like I said before, I could not tell you what I did for most of March. I got to see my family a few times this past month, so I’m thankful for the time I got to spend with them. I worked on a few projects here and there – writing, cosplay, and some other things – but nothing too significant.

To be honest, I just spent a lot of time in March trying to not do anything. I’ve been really exhausted (more than usual) the last couple of weeks, so my priorities tend to be: make sure the apartment stays mostly clean, make sure I eat proper meals, and make sure I don’t stress myself out too much. I’m hoping that with more sunshine, warmer weather, and more time doing things that make me happy, I’ll start feeling more like myself again soon.

The early spring view from my kitchen window

What did you do in March? Are you excited for the change in seasons? Let’s chat in the comments!

Until next time!

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