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It should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that I spend a lot of time talking about books on my blog. Check out some of my reading-related posts below, or use the buttons to navigate to some related categories.


an image spread with a collection of books and other bookish items, including candles, tea, shirts, bath items, and stickers.

Small Business Gifts for the Reader In Your Life

Tis the season to stress out about what to gifts to give your friends and family. I can’t help with your whole list, but if you happen to know a book lover (or if you are one yourself), I have just the thing for you.

Photo of two library books stacked on top of each other. They are The Merciful Crow and The Faithless Hawk by Margaret Owen.

Libraries Are For the Bird Books

“Maggie. You have access to five different library systems, two of which are within a fifteen minute drive of where you live. You can USE THEM.”


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