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I’m not a musician, but I still enjoy talking about my favorite songs, analyzing their lyrics, and making playlists for different periods of my life. Scroll down for my latest posts, or use the buttons to navigate to some subtopics.


Senior Year Soundtrack

Finishing out a four-year tradition by sharing my soundtrack from my final year of college!

Junior year soundtrack

Junior Year Soundtrack

A collection of the songs that motivated, inspired, and encouraged me throughout my third year of college.

21 songs for 21 years

21 Songs for 21 Years

I turned 21 this week, and I’m sharing 21 songs that have been important to me over the years.

Image with raindrops on a window and text "Songs for Sad Days."

Songs for Sad Days

Music has a way of encouraging and comforting us when we’re feeling upset or alone. Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite songs to listen to when times are tough.


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