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This is sort of a “catch all” category for posts that don’t fit into the other categories. You’ll find posts with my thoughts on random things, everything from school to sports to life in general.


8 Online Learning Tips From Someone Who’s Done It Before

It’s September 2020. There are a lot of… Things happening in the world, and as a result, school looks different for a lot of students. Some are completing all of their education virtually for the first time, while others are doing a “hybrid” of online and in-person classes. Even for those who are learning face-to-face […]

The Hardest Photo I Ever Took

On May 5, 2018, I took one of my favorite photos, which I would have hated when I was 15.

Why Group Projects (Usually) Don’t Work

I enjoy an academic challenge. If I hate an assignment, it’s usually not because it’s too hard, but because it’s boring or feels meaningless. The one type of assignment I just can’t bring myself to like, however, are group projects. If you’ve never had to survive a group project, I envy you. The name is […]


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