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Every so often, I’ll participate in some blogger “tags” and linkups that circle around the blogging world. Keep on scrolling, or use the navigation buttons below to check out my posts from the “Beautiful People” and “Language of Worlds” character linkups.


Never Have I Ever Tag | Writer’s Life

You might’ve played a game called “Never Have I Ever” at some point in your life. Usually, the goal is to make other people admit embarrassing things about themselves. I’m told it’s fun, though I’ve never played. …Until today, that is. Today, I’m participating in the “Never Have I Ever” writer’s tag so I can […]

Yearbook Superlatives Tag

What if my characters went to a normal American high school? Who cares about what classes they’d be in, what would they be voted “most likely to…” in the class yearbook?

Sunshine Blogger Award: The Sequel

Approximately a million years ago (actually, more like three years ago), I was tagged in the Sunshine Blogger Award by my dear book blogger friend Paige Turner. More recently, I’ve been tagged again by The Story Sponge! I figured we were due for another round of random questions, and they had some pretty great ones, […]


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