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In addition to sharing my own writing, I also like to blog about writing tips and the writer’s life in general. Scroll down to see my latest writing-related posts, or use the buttons below to navigate to specific sub-categories.


5 Free and Useful Tools for Writing Fantasy

Writing fantasy and sci-fi stories often means there’s a lot of stuff you have to come up with on your own. Fortunately, there are plenty of online tools to help with the process.

Never Have I Ever Tag | Writer’s Life

You might’ve played a game called “Never Have I Ever” at some point in your life. Usually, the goal is to make other people admit embarrassing things about themselves. I’m told it’s fun, though I’ve never played. …Until today, that is. Today, I’m participating in the “Never Have I Ever” writer’s tag so I can […]

Unexpected Writing Teachers

I don’t remember there ever being a point in my life where someone sat me down and told me, “This is how you write a story.” Sure, I learned about basic plot structure in my middle school literature class, but that wasn’t really meant to teach us how to be better writers. Besides, by that […]

Why Bother Trying? (or, Another Bout of Writer’s Block | Writer’s Life

If you’re a writer, chances are you’ve experienced a creative block from time to time. This phenomenon is not uncommon. I talked a little bit about this before, when I was feeling creatively drained and I just couldn’t get myself to write. Back then, I decided I needed a break to refresh myself. And it […]


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