Inner Circle

Welcome to the Inner Circle, a collection of my favorite fellow creators. They have all sorts of projects, including writing, art, videos, music, and photography. They also happen to be good friends and family, and I love sharing the things they’re working on.

Paul Shive

Paul is a musician, who also happens to be my brother. His Soundcloud page is full of songs in various genres, and I love seeing the new projects he’s working on. I know he’ll be going places!



Noelle is a YouTuber who does everything from vlogging to music covers to talking about invisible illness. Her videos are always creative and well put together!

Charmaine Lim

Charmaine is a blogger and book lover who mostly covers YA novels for her review blog. She’s also a member of the Booktube community. If you need a new book recommendation, she’s got you covered.

Kiara Kalmey

Kiara is a writer, a geek, and above all a dear friend of mine. She thinks deep about the real world and fictional ones, always has exciting new projects, and is a freelance editor to boot. I can’t wait to see where her writing takes her!

Sarah Henry

Still Poetry Photography

Sarah runs her own photography business, Still Poetry Photography, and she takes the best pictures I’ve ever seen. She also has other great projects, from video production to writing, and I love seeing her pursue her passions.

Alexis Dingeldein

Alexis is a wonderful author, having published multiple young adult books, and she’s always working on more. Check out her page to see what she’s done, or follow her on social media to keep up with what she’s doing next.


Elizabeth is my friend and a fellow English major with lots of great ideas about reading and writing. She’s recently started a blog on these topics, and I’m looking forward to all of the interesting thoughts she has to share.