Goals for 2018 (+2017 Goals Review)

There’s something about a new year that motivates us. We feel like we can do anything. That’s why many of us choose to create New Year’s resolutions or goals, with varying degrees of success. Now, say what you will about this phenomenon, but personally, I like it – we’re taking advantage of our excitement and using it to better ourselves and our lives.

At the beginning of 2017, I set some goals for myself, and I was determined to reach them. Using a number of methods, including my bullet journal, I was able to keep track of my progress towards these goals and make significant progress in the areas I wanted to. In 2018, I want to continue progressing, and so today, I’ve decided to take a brief look back at my 2017 goals and then look ahead to the future for what I want to do in 2018.

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Week In Review – Feb 3

I’m running out of ideas for how to begin these blog posts, and it’s getting down to the wire to get this blog post written, so I’m just gonna jump into the post.

In case you missed it, I posted the second half of my TBR purge on Monday, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t already. In addition, I posed a new video on my YouTube channel on Wednesday! A few days before Christmas, Paul and I went out to a disc golf course so he could try some of his new discs and so I could test out my new GoPro camera. I finally got around to putting all of the clips together, so I hope you enjoy!

Since it’s the beginning of a new month, in addition to writing my regular weekly wrap-up, I thought I’d do a quick recap of how I did with my daily goals last month.

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