Best of May

Happy June, everyone! I’m hoping everyone had as great a month as I did. Between birthdays, vacation, and finally being done with high school, it’s been pretty exciting around here. But more on that in a moment. First, I want to share a few of my other highlights from the month of May!

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Arizona Adventures

Hey, look who’s back! It feels like forever since I’ve written something here, although that isn’t the truth. I guess it just feels so long since it’s been two weeks since I actually sat down at my computer to write a blog post.

In case you missed me mentioning it in previous posts, my family traveled to Arizona two weeks ago! I’d intended to tell you all about it last week, but between catching up on school work and preparing for finals, I didn’t have a chance to sort through my photos and put a blog post together.

Anyway, now with finals out of the way (whoo!) and my pictures all sorted, let me tell you about my adventures in the Grand Canyon State!

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