Purposeful Pages – September 2016

Happy Friday everyone! As you read this, I’m probably either in class or getting ready to head to Uprise Festival this weekend, which is pretty exciting! The lineup is fantastic as always, but I’m super excited to see Wolves At The Gate, For Today (on their final tour), Disciple, Lacey Sturm, and basically everyone.

Also, speaking of Disciple, their Kickstarter campaign for Long Live The Rebels wrapped up this weekend, which means that as a supporter, I got to hear some of my music! It isn’t available for people who weren’t a part of the campaign, but I can tell you that it’s awesome. There’s some stuff reminiscent of their older music, and also some that’s reflective of their growth over the years. It’s amazing!

Anyway, I decided to participate in a new linkup this month called Purposeful Pages. I first heard about it on Quill Pen Writer (shout out to Melissa for introducing me to it!), another writing blog I follow, and I was really intrigued so I wanted to give it a shot! The linkup is hosted by Hannah @ Furious Ever Afters and Amanda @ Scattered Journal Pages, and it’s designed to unite bloggers on answering questions about life, blogging, the Bible, writing, and books.

As you can tell, it’s a bit different from the Beautiful People linkup I’ve been participating in monthly, but I’m excited to try something new! And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the questions!

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

First, I’d like to thank…

Okay, no, it’s not that kind of award. But still, this is pretty exciting! The Sunshine Blogger Award is something that I’ve seen passed around on many blogs I follow, and I’m so happy to say I was nominate!

A big thank you to my friend Paige Turner @ Between Reality for nominating me! If you love reading honest book reviews, go visit her blog! She’s one of the best book reviewers I know, and she’s been doing a lot of other cool stuff on her blog lately, so be sure to check it out!

Anyway, the Sunshine Blogger Award is pretty simple. There are three steps:

  • Thank the people/person who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions from your nominator(s).
  • Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions.

Paige asked some pretty cool questions, so without further ado, let’s get started!

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